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Geoffrey Brennan

Publications by Author

  1. FEATURE: James Buchanan: An Assessment

    Geoffrey Brennan | 01 May 2013 | POLICY Magazine

    Buchanan taught us to focus on the rules of the game.

  2. FEATURE: The 'Unrepresentative Swill' 'Feel Their Oats'

    Geoffrey Brennan | 12 Dec 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    The Rise of Senate Activism in Australia.

  3. FEATURE: Designing Democracy

    A. Hamlin, Geoffrey Brennan | 09 Sep 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    Motivations and institutions in democratic politics.

  4. COMMENT: Direct Democracy: The Case Against

    Geoffrey Brennan | 03 Mar 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    Politicians have an incentive to get it right- as do their advisers.

  5. FEATURE: Australian Parliamentary Democracy: One Cheer for The Status Quo

    Geoffrey Brennan | 03 Mar 1995 | POLICY Magazine

    Electoral competition, not parliamentary procedure, is central to the democratic process.

  6. Chaining Australia: Church Bureaucracies and Political Economy

    Geoffrey Brennan | 01 Aug 1984 | CIS Readings

    Edited by Geoffrey Brennan and John K Williams. Contributions by Geoffrey Brennan, Paul A McGavin, John K Williams, Hugh... Read More...

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