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A.D. McLennan

Publications by Author

  1. BOOK REVIEW: Making Australian Foreign Policy

    A.D. McLennan | 06 Jun 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    Making Australian Foreign Policy by Allan Gyngell and Michael Wesley (Cambridge University Press, 2003.)

  2. REVIEW ARTICLE: Engagement with Asia Revisited

    A.D. McLennan | 19 Dec 2002 | POLICY Magazine

    Continental Drift: Australia's Search for a Regional Identity by Rawdon Dalyrmple (Ashgate, 2003).

  3. FEATURE: Australia's Security Dilemma

    A.D. McLennan | 09 Sep 2002 | POLICY Magazine

    Australia's alliance with the United States is being challenged by the potential risks and benefits of neutrality versus... Read More...

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