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Alex Robson

Publications by Author

  1. The Costs of Taxation

    Alex Robson | 21 Aug 2005 | Policy Monographs

    The question the government needs to ask is not whether it can do good through more spending, but is whether the relentless... Read More...

  2. FEATURE: A Labour Market Fable

    Alex Robson | 12 Dec 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    Economic tales are not always good guides to policy.

  3. Sweet and Sour Pork Barrelling: The Case of Queensland Sugar

    Alex Robson | 25 Mar 2004 | Issue Analysis

    For nearly 100 years, pork barrelling has propped up a recalcitrant sugar industry that has refused to reform despite evidence... Read More...

  4. COMMENT: Knowledge, Demagoguery and Democracy: A Hayekian perspective

    Alex Robson | 12 Dec 2002 | POLICY Magazine

    What exactly did Hayek mean when he wrote that a parochial belief in democracy independent of the values that it promotes... Read More...

  5. BOOK REVIEW: The Transfer Society

    Alex Robson | 06 Jun 2002 | POLICY Magazine

    The Transfer Society by David. N Laband and George C.McClintock (Washington DC: The Cato Institute, 2001.)

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