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A Democratic wave or Trump triumph?

The night of the elections to discuss the results of the midterms and what they mean for American politics and foreign policy.

US midterm elections are usually bad for the President’s party, but amid a booming economy this year’s congressional races are more difficult to predict.

The jobless rate recently fell to 3.7 per cent (the lowest since 1969) and the stock market (shrugging off the Trump tariffs) keeps surging to new highs. Meanwhile, both Republicans and Democrats will use Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court to fuel enthusiasm and turnout for the midterms.

Tom Switzer alongside panelists: Greg Sheridan is foreign editor of The Australian; Bob Carr, a former foreign minister, is director of the Australia-China Relations Institute; and April Palmerlee is chief executive officer of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia.