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While accepting the importance and value of the trade relationship with China, our new program called China and Free Societies aims to raise awareness of the challenges growing Chinese government influence poses to a free and democratic Australia.


Xi Dreams of 100 More Glorious Years for the Party: Might China Awake?
Rowan Callick
16 September 2021 | AP26

The Chinese Communist Party is at the peak of its power as it enters its second century. This paper examines its evolution over the last 100 years, before turning to its centenary celebrations in July 2021 with Xi Jinping at the helm. It then focuses…

Crucial Collaboration: The Case for Closer Australia-UK Defence and Security Ties in Light of a Rising China
Tom Tugendhat
23 June 2021 | PP42

China’s rise is perhaps the single most significant geopolitical question of the next decade – indeed, the next century. The sheer scale of its economy and military, combined with an increasingly authoritarian regime under Xi Jinping, means that the Indo-Pacific lies at the heart of…

Resisting China’s Economic Coercion: Why America should support Australia
Alan Dupont
08 April 2021 | PP38

China’s unprecedented trade campaign against Australia is a case study in economic coercion for geopolitical purposes. Its aim is twofold: to bend Canberra to Beijing’s will and to decouple it from the US alliance system. Australia has withstood such pressure to date, but needs American…

The Need for U.S.-Australia Leadership to Counter China across the Indo-Pacific
Erik M. Jacobs
25 March 2021 | PP36

China’s recent actions – its trade coercion against Australia, border clash with India, maritime harassment of Japan, and military expansionism in the South China Sea – have compelled the U.S. and Australia to leverage their decades-long defence alliance and intelligence ties to deepen existing relationships…

A House Divided: The AFRB and China's Subnational Diplomacy in Australia
Salvatore Babones
12 November 2020 | AP17

This paper examines China’s subnational diplomacy in Australia and the suitability of Australia’s Foreign Relations Bill (AFRB) as a tool for countering it. The AFRB is designed to help the Commonwealth keep tabs on international diplomacy involving Australian states, territories, local governments, and public universities.…

Media & Commentary

AUKUS alliance: Greatest threat to Beijing is Xi Jinping
Rowan Callick
17 September 2021 | The Australian

The formation of AUKUS underlines that the People’s Republic of China remains, as leading Chinese academic Zhu Feng says, a “lonely rising power”. China’s only formal ally is North Korea,…

How long can the CCP dominate China?
Rowan Callick
16 September 2021 | Spectator

The Chinese Communist Party is at the peak of its power as it enters its second century. But how long can it remain at its peak, at home and abroad.  It is…

We cannot rebuild trust with China
Tom Switzer
16 July 2021 | Australian Financial Review

There is no shortage of analysis of what Australia did wrong to China to cause Beijing’s wrath, and no shortage of advice on how Canberra should set the relationship right. But underlying…

Advice holds: see China as it is, not as it ought to be
Tom Switzer
29 December 2020 | THE AUSTRALIAN

A good mate of mine died this year. He was 90 — four decades my senior — and I think of him a lot and miss him very much. His…

Acquiescence is not the answer
Tom Switzer
04 December 2020 | Ideas@theCentre

We are told that Australia’s political leaders must try to ‘rebuild trust’ with Beijing, while not kowtowing as the Chinese Communist Party clearly wants us to do. But how does…