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Government Spending

Governments spend taxpayers’ money on a wide range of programmes from education to defence and from welfare to infrastructure. Yet there can be too much of a good thing, and some government spending is just wasteful. How can we ensure that taxpayers are getting value for money?


The MMT Hoax
Tony Makin, Gene Tunny
27 May 2021 | PP41

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a supposedly new macroeconomic paradigm, but it is essentially a reprise of 1930s Keynesian economics. Its central premise — that countries which can borrow in their own currencies should not worry about government deficits and can finance as much government…

Make every drop count, and count every drop: Vanishing groundwater needs proper monitoring and management
Grahame Campbell
22 April 2021 | PP39

Aquifer groundwater is a crucial and valuable resource for Australia, but is poorly managed and monitored to the point of being neglected in some areas. This neglect is a risk for the future of Australia’s $60 billion agriculture production and industry that relies on the…

Implications of the Retirement Income Review: Public advocacy of private profligacy?
Terrence O'Brien
17 March 2021 | AP19

The recent Retirement Income Review (RIR) implies policies that would reduce after-tax returns to super saving, encourage faster spending of life savings and of equity in the family home, and minimise bequests.  Its approach would incline each generation towards consuming more fully its own lifetime…

The Looming Iceberg: Australia’s post-pandemic debt risk
Robert Carling
28 January 2021 | PP35

After many years with low public debt, Australia is seeing a much higher debt burden as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In the years ahead, according to recent budget estimates, it will reach close to $2 trillion in aggregate at the Commonwealth and state/territory…

Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down Australians
Monica Wilkie
09 December 2020 | AP18

The government response to COVID-19 has imposed restrictions on Australians unseen in peacetime. As Australians approach nearly a year of living under varying coronavirus restrictions it is timely to analyse governments response to COVID-19. Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down…

Media & Commentary

Retirement review’s misleading figures
Terrence O'Brien
19 March 2021 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

The Retirement Income Review (RIR) conclusions are based heavily on the assertion of a $40 billion a year cost to taxpayers from the way superannuation is taxed; however this is…

Retirement review reveals red herrings
Simon Cowan
11 December 2020 | Ideas@theCentre

Another review of the retirement income system has come ¾ and it seems, gone ¾ without clearly having achieved its (rather limited) mission to establish a common fact base. For…

Resist protectionism and regulation
Simon Cowan
27 November 2020 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

While the short-term issues associated with the recovery are crucially important, they’re not the only serious economic problem we face. Although it may seem like the sort of dull thing…

Super system is sound
Robert Carling
27 November 2020 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

Here we go again — yet another review of retirement incomes, this one the outcome of a year’s work by an independent panel supported by a Treasury secretariat, and released…

Extra infrastructure spending won’t build a road out of the corona recession
Tony Makin
01 September 2020 | Spectator

Increased government spending on infrastructure has been proposed yet again to revive the economy from the government-imposed recession.  The latest call for the states to spend another $40 billion has…