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Most people agree that some rules are necessary for markets to work. But what rules do we really need? And how can we make sure they do not become too much of a burden on businesses and consumers?


Attitudes to a post-Covid Australia
Robert Carling, Simon Cowan
26 August 2021 | AP25

There are both reasons for optimism and reasons for pessimism in this paper. The poll suggests that Australians are unlikely to meekly accept ongoing lockdowns once vaccination reaches critical levels. Only a small minority believe we should continue to chase Covid Zero exclusively. Moreover, few…

Australians’ Attitudes to Social Media: Connection or Curse?
Monica Wilkie
29 March 2021 | PP37

Social media appears in the news cycle, almost daily, and the majority of the coverage is negative. Politicians from all sides, and bureaucratic agencies have been warning about the apparent danger social media pose to journalism, democracy, business, and civil society. But Australians are far…

Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down Australians
Monica Wilkie
09 December 2020 | AP18

The government response to COVID-19 has imposed restrictions on Australians unseen in peacetime. As Australians approach nearly a year of living under varying coronavirus restrictions it is timely to analyse governments response to COVID-19. Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down…

Planning restrictions harm housing affordability
Peter Tulip
03 December 2020 | PP33

Planning restrictions reduce the supply of housing and hence raise its price.  This paper summarises recent research on this topic, focussing on Australia’s largest cities. The severity of planning regulations can be gauged by the difference between sale prices and the costs of supply.  This…

RATIONALISING REGULATION: Helping the economy recover from the corona crisis
Gene Tunny, Ben Scott
23 September 2020 | AP14

Australia’s anachronistic, inconsistent, and excessive regulatory landscape is an area of immense potential for growth-enhancing economic reforms. The regulatory constraints outlined in this paper are impeding business growth and their removal or adjustment would yield large economic benefits. The relaxation of a range of restrictions…

Media & Commentary

Resist protectionism and regulation
Simon Cowan
27 November 2020 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

While the short-term issues associated with the recovery are crucially important, they’re not the only serious economic problem we face. Although it may seem like the sort of dull thing…

Round, round get around, don’t get around

Travel restrictions in Queensland have been recently relaxed. We are allowed to drive 50 kilometres from our homes, and there’s some easing on visiting parks.   This past weekend, just for Mother’s Day, there was a further…

Turning clock back
Simon Cowan
27 September 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

California has passed legislation to significantly restrict the ability of businesses to use independent contractors. This is part of a seemingly global push against the rise of casual jobs (that…

Super misdirection
Simon Cowan
09 August 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

Misunderstanding and misdirection abounds in the current superannuation debate. It is an incontrovertible fact that superannuation is ‘paid for’ through wages forgone. It is not, and never has been, an…

Social media not the biggest threat
Monica Wilkie
09 August 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

Social media has been blamed for an epidemic of damaging misinformation that has poisoned political discourse. But the real threat to free speech and political debate comes from over-zealous and…