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Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain
Andrew Patterson, David Kirk, Don Turkington, Luke Malpass
27 March 2012 | PF22

In early 2009, the NZ government established the 2025 Taskforce to provide recommendations on closing the income gap with Australia, lift New Zealand’s living standards to those in Australia and to retain New Zealand talent and entice it back home. This is obviously a difficult…

The Decade-long Binge: How Government Squandered Ten Years of Economic Prosperity
Luke Malpass
17 November 2011 | IA128

Politicians in New Zealand are wedded to the idea of the activist state, but despite huge spending increases life is not much better for most people. Over the last decade, government has provided more social services but at such great cost that we have to…

Alcohol Policy and the Politics of Moral Panic
Luke Malpass
26 May 2011 | PM118

Liquor reform has become a political hot potato in New Zealand. Social problems caused by alcohol have meant successive governments have come under pressure to regulate sale and consumption of alcohol. One factor driving public outrage has been reports that give outrageously high ‘social costs’…

Superseding MMP: Real Electoral Reform for New Zealand
Luke Malpass
16 March 2010 | PM109

After 13 years of Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) representation, Prime Minister John Key has said it is time to ‘kick the tyres’ and see how much support the system enjoys. New Zealand will hold a referendum on the electoral system coinciding with the next election,…

KiwiRail: Doomed to Fail?
Luke Malpass
10 September 2009 | IA115

Government ownership cannot and will not ‘fix’ rail in New Zealand.  Luke Malpass argues that one year after the renationalisation, it has become clear that the previous government’s justifications for purchasing this expensive, loss-making asset were driven more by ideology rather than sound economic or…

Media & Commentary

Proclaiming the good news on capitalism
Eugenie Joseph
30 November 2018 | Ideas@TheCentre

It is clear that capitalism is having a moral crisis, when even Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of a prosperous capitalist economy, terms it a “blatant failure”. But Australians have…

The tragedy across the Tasman
Tom Switzer
27 October 2017 | Ideas@TheCentre

The tragedy of New Zealand’s election outcome is not just that a stable and successful nine-year government has lost power, despite scoring more than 8% more votes than the Labour…

How green is the grass on the other side
Robert Carling
12 December 2016 | Spectator - Flat White

The change of prime minister has put New Zealand in the news on this side of the ditch, and we keep hearing our Kiwi friends are in an economic sweet…

A Kiwi approach on emissions
Luke Malpass
16 December 2011

This week’s climate fiasco in Durban should serve as a reminder of the flaws inherent in international climate policy. Hailed as a success by backers and a failure by critics,…

Kiwis put ETS on the shelf
Luke Malpass
15 December 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

New Zealand has had an emissions trading scheme since 2008, a parting gift of the Clark Labour government. Europe likes to flaunt its climate credentials but the Organisation for Economic…