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Since 1976 our publications are the most important means of contact between the Centre’s ideas and its general readership. All research is published in both soft and hard copy and distributed to CIS members and relevant stakeholders including politicians, policymakers, media, academia and business.

Our in depth CIS Research Reports and shorter format POLICY Papers and Analysis Papers are available as free downloads.  Our more philosophical writing is usually produced as a Occasional Paper.

Over the years CIS has also published a wide series of publications such as Issue Analysis  and Policy Monographs.  Since 1984, POLICY magazine published feature articles and reviews authored by some of the foremost national and international thinkers on public policy and ideas. The magazine was discontinued in 2018. POLICY Papers has continued using the masthead and allows for shorter, topical and timely reports that can be produced quickly.

The Centre for Independent Studies has produced some of the most authoritative publications in Australasian academia. From the influential Lands of Shame to the authoritative The Future of Medicare: Health Innovation in 21st Century Australia CIS has published hundreds of publications covering topics from the social policy to legal affairs to religion and education.  Hard copies of our publications are available for purchase through the bookstore.



If you would like to write for The Centre for Independent Studies, please email with ‘writing for CIS’ in the subject field. We ask that you contact us for approval before writing a piece for the Centre’s publications. The Centre retains the right to edit any accepted article upon submission. The Centre would like to stress that the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre’s staff, advisers, directors or officers.

Please contact the Centre at for permission to reprint our publications.

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