Culture, Prosperity & Civil Society


This program will defend and promote the traditional values and principles of a free and liberal democratic society and open economy in Australia.

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Featured Publication


Without Fear or Favour: Practising your Faith and your Profession
Debra Mullins
20 June 2018 | OP165

The adequacy of religious freedom protections in Australia has been now reviewed by the Ruddock Inquiry established by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the same-sex postal survey in later 2017. By late June June 2018, however, the government had yet to release Ruddock’s findings. Nonetheless,…

A Shy Hope in the Mind: Secularisation and the Diversity of Australia’s Religious Economy
Peter Kurti
12 June 2018 | AP1

There are few facets of human society — whether political, social, or economic — that are untouched by the influence of religion. Yet those who oppose any appearance of religion in the Australian public square argue that it simply has no part to play in…

A Viable Option: A National Adoption Framework
Jeremy Sammut
06 June 2018 | PP4

Implementation of the National Child Protection Accountability Framework would correct the bias towards ‘early intervention and prevention’ — in isolation from other important policies and outcomes, especially permanency — evident in the existing National Framework introduced under the Rudd Government in 2009. The new national…

Reason, Repentance, and the Individual: Recovering the Religious Roots of Western Civilisation
Peter Kurti
23 November 2017 | OP160

Reason, repentance, and the individual are three of the principal roots of Western civilization. They are, moreover, roots that are set firmly in the rich soil of our Judeo-Christian heritage. But the danger is that as our commitment to that heritage weakens, so, too, does…

Acton Lecture 2017: Civic Virtues and the Politics of ‘Full Drift Ahead’
Iain Benson
19 June 2017 | OP155

Today almost everyone affirms the importance of ‘values’ but few would insist these are shared moral essentials.  How is it that the most common term of our political and even private moralities became so relativistic and what, in anything, could be offered as an alternative?…

Media & Commentary

Howard on Culture, Prosperity, and Civil Society
Jeremy Sammut
13 July 2018 | Ideas@TheCentre

Former Prime Minister John Howard launched The Centre for Independent Studies’ new Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program at the CIS’s Sydney office on Tuesday night. The ‘Conversation About Culture’…

Can’t unscramble the faith omelette
Peter Kurti
06 July 2018 | Ideas@TheCentre

Symbols of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, Eure, France, Europe How best to protect the fundamental human right to religious liberty is a key area of enquiry for the…

Have we lost our civility?
Peter Kurti
05 July 2018 | ABC

Standards of common courtesy and decency seem to be disappearing fast from our society. At one time, we might have looked to our civic leaders including politicians to set an…

Millennial voters go left: Is age now driving the West's political rage?
Tom Switzer, Charles Jacobs
04 July 2018 | Financial Review

Millennials are lurching left in ways that could have profound consequences for Western politics. Since the beginning of the century, there has been a major shift in the political sentiments…

Education system produces anti-capitalist millennials
Tom Switzer, Charles Jacobs
21 June 2018 | The Australian

Anyone over the age of 45 will have clear memories of the ecstatic reaction to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. The wall had been erected in…