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This program defends and promotes the traditional values and principles of a free and liberal democratic society and open economy in Australia.

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Why God is Good for You
Greg Sheridan
28 November 2018 | OP169

Conversation with The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan and CIS senior research fellow Peter Kurti on the intellectual, historical and cultural case for belief in God. Australia and many parts of the West are losing faith in God. And yet the Judeo-Christian tradition has created and underpinned the moral and legal…

Australian Attitudes to Immigration: Coming Apart or Common Ground?
Jeremy Sammut, Monica Wilkie
18 November 2018 | PP11

Immigration has been a contentious political issue in Australia and overseas for a number of years. Many political parties and figures have emerged promising to severely restrict or halt immigration. Australia has largely avoided significant political disruptions over this issue. However, as immigration levels continue…

University Freedom Charters: How best to protect free speech on Australian campuses
Jeremy Sammut
07 October 2018 | PP10

This POLICY Paper recommends how and why a ‘university freedom charters’ policy that is backed with financial penalties for non-compliance might operate to actively spur Australian universities to implement appropriate measures to address anti-free speech disruptive behaviour and properly protect freedom of thought and expression.…

Curbing Corporate Social Responsibility: Preventing Politicisation – and Preserving Pluralism – in Australian Business
Jeremy Sammut
21 August 2018 | AP2

The unprecedented part that leading that Australian companies played in the same-sex marriage campaign in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  has led critics to argue that companies should “stick to their knitting” and not meddle in politically-contentious social debates.  CSR threatens to become…

A Test of Maturity: The liberal case for action on religious freedom
Robert Forsyth
31 July 2018 | PP8

Australia has long enjoyed religious freedom in practice without robust legal protections. Such protections as there are, are found in anti-discrimination law, usually as exemptions. However freedom of religion remains vulnerable to accusations of prejudice, bigotry and discrimination when the views and practices of religious…

Media & Commentary

Poll highlighted divide
Jeremy Sammut
24 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

The election victory was clearly a triumph for both the style and substance of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. But the most important post-election issue now is the battle to control…

Social media doesn't equal votes
Monica Wilkie
24 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

The impact of social media on politics is a contentious topic. Some argue social media harms political discourse, journalism, and the public. The ACCC even discusses this in their preliminary…

Religion test out of line
Peter Kurti
17 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

Ten years ago, religion barely featured at all in daily public life or discussion. In a country where over 60 per cent of us claim a religious affiliation, there was…

Parallel poll universe
Greg Pulscher
17 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

I for one won’t be voting on Saturday! That’s not really much of a protest since I can’t yet vote in Australia anyway… but I will witness my first Australian…

Israel Folau, Rugby Australia and how tolerant should we be of intolerance?
Monica Wilkie

Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle faces questions from media The Israel Folau case has brought up a crucial question our society has asked before, and will undoubtedly ask again. How…