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All Welfare State Publications

  • Helen Hughes: A Tribute

    Glenys Byrne, Greg Lindsay, Noel Pearson, Ron Duncan, Tony Abbott | 27 Aug 2014 | Policy Forum

    CIS Senior Fellow Professor Helen Hughes AO passed away on 15 June 2013 after a lifetime dedicated to working passionately...

  • Complex Family Payments: What it Costs the Village to Raise a Child

    Trisha Jha | 06 Aug 2014 | Policy Monographs

    The report describes the family payments system (with a focus on family tax benefits and child care fee assistance) and analyses...

  • Fairer Paid Parental Leave

    Matthew Taylor | 07 Jul 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    This report describes how an Income Contingent Loans (ICL) scheme could be used to provide wage replacement Paid Parental...

  • Still Damaging and Disturbing: Australian Child Protection Data and the Need for National Adoption Targets

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2014 | Issue Analysis

    Australian child protection policy continues to resemble Einstein’s definition of madness—doing the same thing and expecting...

  • Submission to the National Commission of Audit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Stephen Kirchner, Trisha Jha | 01 Apr 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal government’s Commission of Audit (CoA) was established in 2013 to review the performance and role of government....

  • Emergency Budget Repair Kit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Trisha Jha | 21 Nov 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal budget deficit has been described as an emergency. Cutting wasteful programs can save more than $20 billion a...

  • Not Looking for Work: The Rise of Non-Jobseekers on Unemployment Benefits

    Andrew Baker | 31 Jul 2013 | Policy Monographs

    Following the global financial crisis, the incumbent Labor government introduced policies that reduced the job search requirements...

  • TARGET30: Reducing the burden for future generations

    David Murray AO, Maurice Newman, Simon Cowan | 01 Jul 2013 | Policy Forum

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government and cutting government spending to less than 30% of GDP in the next 10...

  • A Fair Go: Fact or Fiction?

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 09 May 2013 | Policy Monographs

    The Australian ideal of a fair go is fact rather than fiction. By offering all individuals the opportunity to capitalise...

  • Saving Medicare But NOT As We Know It

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Apr 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    High growth in health spending is the area of public expenditure that will unsustainably increase the size of government...

  • After the Welfare State: Politicians Stole Your Future … You Can Get It Back

    Tom Palmer | 08 Apr 2013 | Occasional Papers

    History, economics, sociology, political science, and mathematics are the tools to understand and evaluate welfare states,...

  • Tax Welfare Churn and the Australian Welfare State

    Andrew Baker | 27 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The welfare state currently consumes $316 billion a year; however, much of this spending is not targeted at those who need...

  • Re-moralising the Welfare State

    Peter Saunders | 13 Mar 2013 | Occasional Papers

    The welfare state should be fair as well as caring. Fairness requires that claimants are not treated more favourably than...

  • TARGET30: Towards smaller government and future prosperity

    Peter Saunders, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan | 06 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government, supported by a series of research reports providing policy solutions...

  • Capitalism and Virtue: Reaffirming Old Truths

    Charles Murray | 07 Feb 2013 | Occasional Papers

    In the 2012 Annual John Bonython Lecture, eminent political scientist Charles Murray describes the larger historical forces...

  • Panacea to Prison? Justice Reinvestment in Indigenous Communities

    Sara Hudson | 31 Jan 2013 | Policy Monographs

    High Indigenous incarceration has elicited a long list of so-called solutions over the years. Yet the percentage of Aboriginal...

  • Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee into the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012

    Andrew Baker | 25 Jan 2013 | Submissions

    Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee into the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012

  • The New Leviathan: A National Disability Insurance Scheme

    Andrew Baker | 15 Nov 2012 | Policy Monographs

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been touted as the biggest social reform since Medicare. Currently, there...

  • Submission to the COAG Select Council on Disability Reform on NDIS ‘eligibility and reasonable and necessary support’ criteria

    Andrew Baker | 10 Sep 2012 | Submissions

    Submission to the COAG Select Council on Disability Reform on NDIS ‘eligibility and reasonable and necessary support’...

  • Submission to the Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations References Committee

    Andrew Baker | 10 Sep 2012 | Submissions

    Submission to the Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations References Committee

  • Overcoming a Culture of Low Expectations

    Jessica Brown | 28 Mar 2012 | Issue Analysis

    The most important thing we can do to encourage disadvantaged Australians into work – including people with disabilities,...

  • Do Not Damage and Disturb: On Child Protection Failures and the Pressure on Out-of-Home Care in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Nov 2011 | Policy Monographs

    This monograph shows that the rising size, cost, and complexity of the out-of-home care system in Australia is directly linked...

  • Working Towards Self-Reliance: Three Lessons for Disability Pension Reform

    Jessica Brown | 05 Oct 2011 | Policy Monographs

    To successful reduce the number of pensioners on disability support, policymakers must apply the lessons of other welfare...

  • When Prophecy Fails

    Peter Saunders | 09 Sep 2011 | Special Publications

    In their 2009 book, The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett argued for the ‘benefits’ of income redistribution....

  • Selection, Migration and Integration: Why Multiculturalism Works in Australia (And Fails in Europe)

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 01 Sep 2011 | Policy Monographs

    Australia’s migrants are extremely well integrated by international standards, particularly Europe. The reason why multiculturalism...

  • Populate and Perish? Modelling Australia's Demographic Future

    Jessica Brown, Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Oct 2010 | Policy Monographs

    Since the publication of the 2010 Intergenerational Report, Australia has been debating its demographic future and whether...

  • The Power and the Responsibility: Child Protection in the Post-Welfare State Era

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2010 | Occasional Papers

    Government-run child protection services in Australia are plagued by systemic problems, including a misguided emphasis on...

  • Defeating Dependency: Moving Disability Support Pensioners Into Jobs

    Jessica Brown | 30 Apr 2010 | Issue Analysis

    The focus of welfare reform efforts should be on encouraging some of the 750,000 existing disability support pensioners back...

  • What’s Next for Welfare-to-Work?

    Jessica Brown | 15 Oct 2009 | Issue Analysis

    When jobs are hard to find, the incentive for unemployed people to move to other welfare payments such as DSP grows. There...

  • Supping with the Devil : Government Contracts and the Non-Profit Sector

    Peter Saunders | 09 Aug 2009 | Policy Forum

    Big-government corporatism is now in danger of smothering the third sector altogether. The temptation for non-profit organisations...

  • Fatally Flawed: The Child Protection Crisis in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 Jun 2009 | Policy Monographs

    It is not underfunding or an overwhelming workload that has caused child protection services to fail the vulnerable children...

  • FEATURE: Jobless Families in a Recession

    Jessica Brown | 04 Jun 2009 | POLICY Magazine

    The government should resist moves to dilute welfare to work. For the 90 percent of jobless parents who don’t participate...

  • ROSS PARISH ESSAY: Liberty, Time Preference and Decadence

    Ben O'Neill | 03 Mar 2009 | POLICY Magazine

    It is the welfare state—not liberty—that fosters decadence, says Ben O’Neill

  • A Streak of Hypocrisy: Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis and Generational Debt

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Dec 2008 | Policy Monographs

    Dr Jeremy Sammut says that ‘household savings have collapsed due to an unnecessary dependence on welfare handouts. A new...

  • Million Dollar Babies: Paid Parental Leave and Family Policy Reform

    Jessica Brown | 18 Nov 2008 | Issue Analysis

    Support for the introduction of paid parental leave has been so vocal that rather than being a means to an end, paid parental...

  • Baby Steps Toward Self-Funded Parental Leave

    Jessica Brown | 18 Sep 2008 | Issue Analysis

    The debate about increasing the aged pension highlights the fact that, once again, government handouts lead to increasing...

  • Declaring Dependence, Declaring Independence: Three Essays on the Future of the Welfare State

    Peter Saunders | 01 Aug 2008 | Occasional Papers

    In a time when governments are running up enormous welfare bills and intrusively regulating everyday life, this series of...

  • House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment and Workplace Relations Inquiry 2008

    Kayoko Tsumori, Peter Saunders | 11 Jul 2008 | Submissions

    We currently employ a bigger proportion of the working-age population (70%) than ever before. Nevertheless, to increase participation...

  • The False Promise of GP Super Clinics Part 2: Coordinated Care

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Jun 2008 | Policy Monographs

    The report’s author Jeremy Sammut examines the evidence for the Rudd government’s plan to use GP Super Clinics to boost...

  • A Whiff of Compassion? The Attack on Mutual Obligation

    Peter Saunders | 10 Jun 2008 | Issue Analysis

    The Rudd government is planning to water down the existing work requirements and mutual obligation policies that have helped...

  • INTERVIEW: The Swedish Paradox

    Peter Saunders | 04 Jun 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Peter Saunders talks with Timbro CEO Maria Rankka about personal liberty and the welfare state in contemporary Sweden.

  • The False Promise of GP Super Clinics: Part 1: Preventive Care

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 May 2008 | Policy Monographs

    Dr Jeremy Sammut examines the evidence for preventive care programs to help make the Medicare system sustainable, given the...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Australian Social Attitudes 2: Citizenship, Work and Aspiration

    Richard Grant | 03 Mar 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Australian Social Attitudes 2: Citizenship, Work and Aspiration edited by David Denemark, Gabrielle Meagher, Shaun Wilson,...

  • What are Low Ability Workers To Do When Unskilled Jobs Disappear? Part 2

    Peter Saunders | 14 Feb 2008 | Issue Analysis

    Despite low unemployment, working-age welfare dependency remains high, partly because demand for unskilled labour is in decline....

  • What are Low Ability Workers To Do When Unskilled Jobs Disappear? Part 1

    Peter Saunders | 06 Dec 2007 | Issue Analysis

    Nearly two million working-age people are on welfare benefits. The fall in the unemployment figures has disguised a displacement...

  • The Coming Crisis of Medicare: What the Intergenerational Reports should say, but doesn’t, about health and ageing

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Oct 2007 | Policy Monographs

    The demographic and medical realities of the twenty-first century mean that Medicare can no longer provide every citizen...

  • The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away: Tax Welfare Churning and the Case for Welfare State Opt-Outs

    Peter Saunders | 14 May 2007 | Policy Monographs

    Australians are more prosperous than ever before, so the number of people needing government assistance should be falling....

  • A Welfare State for Those Who Want One, Opts-outs for Those Who Don't

    Peter Saunders | 30 Jan 2007 | Issue Analysis

    A system of welfare state opt-outs will help increase people’s independence from government and reverse the unrelenting...

  • Twenty Million Future Funds

    Peter Saunders | 21 Dec 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The government’s claim that we need a Future Fund to pay for public servants’ superannuation is bogus. In fact, the Future...

  • FEATURE: The Roads to Serfdom

    Theodore Dalyrmple | 12 Dec 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    The welfare state leaves many people with little important to decide for themselves.

  • Reform 30/30: Rebuilding Australia’s Tax and Welfare Systems

    John Humphreys | 25 Nov 2005 | Policy Monographs

    John Humphreys has a vision of how the tax and welfare systems could be refashioned to break through the dispiriting problems...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Fighting Poverty in the US and Europe: A World of Difference

    Peter Saunders | 09 Sep 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    Fighting Poverty in the US and Europe: A World of Difference by Alberto Alesina and Edward Glaeser (Oxford, 2004).

  • Six Arguments in Favour of Self-Funding

    Peter Saunders | 14 Jul 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The welfare state served us well in the past but is decreasingly relevant to current conditions. It came into existence to...

  • Clearing Muddy Waters: Why Vinnies are Wrong on Inequality

    Peter Saunders | 21 Jun 2005 | Issue Analysis

    A recent St Vincent de Paul Society report claimed income inequality in Australia is dramatically widening. CIS suggested...

  • A Headlong Dash into the Chasm of Hyperbole

    Peter Saunders | 08 Jun 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The St Vincent de Paul Society’s recent paper, The Reality of Income Inequality in Australia, warns of Australia’s ‘current...

  • Papua New Guinea’s Choice: A Tale of Two Nations

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 31 May 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The recent withdrawal of the Australian police is disastrous for the people of Papua New Guinea. The police deployed under...

  • Lessons from the Tiwi Islands: The Need for Radical Improvement in Remote Aboriginal Communities

    John Cleary | 24 May 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The governance structures created during the last 30 years for remote Aboriginal communities are so dysfunctional that the...

  • The $85 Billion Tax/Welfare Churn

    Peter Saunders | 07 Apr 2005 | Issue Analysis

    Given the government’s newly-won control of the Senate, most attention is focused primarily on the next 18 months, but...

  • A New Deal for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in Remote Communities

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013, Jenness Warin | 01 Mar 2005 | Issue Analysis

    A New Deal for Aborigines: Private property rights, educational reform, health care privatisation, and the application of...

  • The Pacific is Viable!

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 02 Dec 2004 | Issue Analysis

    Whilst all is relatively quiet in the Pacific, there is still no growth. With aid runing at more than $1.5 billion a year...

  • Australia's Welfare Habit and How to Kick It

    Peter Saunders | 01 Oct 2004 | Special Publications

    Forty years ago only 3% of working age Australians depended on welfare payments as their main source of income. Today it...

  • Only 18%? Why ACOSS is Wrong to be Complacent about Welfare Dependency

    Peter Saunders | 02 Sep 2004 | Issue Analysis

    A new report from the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) accepts that welfare dependency among working age Australians...

  • REVIEW ESSAY: Third Sector Blues

    Martin Stewart-Weeks | 06 Jun 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    Crafting a contemporary framework for Australian voluntary organisations. The Political Economy of the Voluntary Sector:...

  • FEATURE: Australia's Older and Wealthier Future

    Ross Guest | 06 Jun 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    An ageing population need not lead to lower living standards, but it does raise issues of intergenerational equity.

  • State of the Nation: An Agenda for Change 2004

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 May 2004 | Special Publications

    This book is now in its fourth edition.  It offers independent views on Australia’s progress across a range of indicators...

  • Why We Must Reform the Disability Support Pension

    Peter Saunders | 06 Apr 2004 | Issue Analysis

    There has been a big increase in people claiming the Disability Support Pension (DSP) although at least half of the claimants...

  • Lies, Damned Lies and the Senate Poverty Inquiry Report

    Peter Saunders | 01 Apr 2004 | Issue Analysis

    A recent Senate Report claims that ‘poverty’ in Australia is widespread and has been getting worse is ‘seriously flawed’...

  • Poverty in Australia: Beyond the Rhetoric

    Peter Saunders | 01 Mar 2004 | Policy Monographs

    This report challenges prevailing definitions and measurements of poverty, and calls for an alternative strategy for poverty...

  • How Union Campaigns on Hours and Casuals are Threatening Low-skilled Jobs

    Kayoko Tsumori | 22 Jan 2004 | Issue Analysis

    For several years now Australian unions have been waging campaigns to limit working hours and the growth in casual employment...

  • How To Reduce Long Term Unemployment

    Peter Saunders | 11 Sep 2003 | Issue Analysis

    More than half the people claiming unemployment allowances in Australia have been on benefits for more than a year. Introducing...

  • The Tender Trap: Reducing Long-Term Welfare Dependency by Reforming the Parenting Payment System

    Peter Saunders | 11 Jun 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Moving single parents whose children are at school off welfare and into work is a key component of a broader strategy to...

  • Is the ‘Earnings Credit’ the Best Way to Cut the Dole Queues?

    Kayoko Tsumori | 13 May 2003 | Issue Analysis

    The 'earnings credit' proposed by the 'Five Economists' in 1998 will not sufficiently decrease joblessness in Australia,...

  • Michael in a Muddle: Michael Pusey’s Bungled Attack on Economic Reform

    Andrew Norton | 09 May 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Andrew Norton reveals many serious errors of fact and logic in his detailed critique of Michael Pusey's new book, The Experience...

  • Aid Has Failed the Pacific

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 07 May 2003 | Issue Analysis

    The Pacific islands are an arc of instability threatening Australia’s security. While current problems are of considerable...

  • A Self-Reliant Australia. Welfare Policy for the 21st century

    Peter Saunders | 16 Mar 2003 | Occasional Papers

    In this paper Peter Saunders suggests that the time has come to turn back the growth of this expensive, damaging, demeaning...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Australia's Welfare Wars: The Players, The Politics and The Ideologies

    Peter Saunders | 03 Mar 2003 | POLICY Magazine

    Australia's Welfare Wars: The Players, the Politics and the Ideologies by Philip Mendes (University of New South Wales Press,...

  • FEATURE: Turning Back The Tide: Welfare Lessons From America

    Peter Saunders | 19 Jan 2003 | POLICY Magazine

    Welfare reform in America has worked, and nobody there is any longer even debating whether to reinstate the old system. So...

  • Poor Statistics: Getting the Facts Right About Poverty in Australia

    Peter Saunders | 03 Apr 2002 | Issue Analysis

    Some welfare organisations suggest that poverty statistics are unimportant and that the CIS critique of the Smith Family’s...

  • The Social Foundations of a Free Society

    Peter Saunders | 12 Feb 2002 | Occasional Papers

    A look at five main areas where current trends may be eroding the free society - family life, schooling, community relations,...

  • Poor Arguments: A Response to the Smith Family Report on Poverty in Australia

    Kayoko Tsumori | 16 Jan 2002 | Issue Analysis

    The welfare lobby, including The Smith Family and NATSEM, continues to inflate poverty statistics to advance a political...

  • FEATURE: The Politics of Envy

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 06 Jun 2001 | POLICY Magazine

    Contrary to widespread belief, the real value of low incomes in Australia has risen while the proportion of people living...

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | Special Publications

    This major report finds that Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for the better, sometimes...

  • FEATURE: Reforming Wages and Welfare Policy: Six Advantages of a Negative Income Tax

    John Humphreys | 03 Mar 2001 | POLICY Magazine

    The replacement of all current welfare and wage provisions with a universal but minimal negative income tax would create...

  • COMMENT: The Crisis of Human Rights

    Samuel Gregg | 03 Mar 2001 | POLICY Magazine

    The concept of human rights evolved to buttress liberty by protecting people from excessive state power. Now it is being...

  • FEATURE: The 'Fair Go' in Australia: Popular Support for Taxing and Spending

    Simon Blount | 12 Dec 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    Are Australians prepared to tolerate higher taxes in return for increased social services as welfare lobbyists often assume?

  • Playing with Fire: Churches, Welfare Services and Government Contracts

    Samuel Gregg | 14 Aug 2000 | Issue Analysis

    Striking a balance between state funding and religious autonomy is the latest challenge for church-based welfare agencies....

  • Behavioural Poverty

    Lucy Sullivan | 09 Apr 2000 | Policy Monographs

    The welfare debate is bedeviled by the failure to distinguish behavioural from financial poverty. The minimum income available...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: The Quality of Mercy

    Lucy Sullivan | 09 Sep 1999 | POLICY Magazine

    Social Welfare and Individual Responsibility: For and Against by David Schmidtz and Robert E. Goodin (Cambridge University...

  • State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999

    Lucy Sullivan | 02 Aug 1999 | Special Publications

    The expanded and revised edition of State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999 is a comprehensive guide...

  • Reconnecting Compassion and Charity

    Roger Kerr | 01 Jan 1999 | Occasional Papers

    Supporters of big government and the welfare state regularly accuse their opponents of lacking ‘compassion’. But how...

  • BOOK REVIEW: in Praise of Commercial Culture

    Michael Warby | 12 Dec 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    In Praise of Commercial Culture by Tyler Cowen (Harvard University Press, 1998.)

  • BOOK NOTES: Corporate Welfare Policy and the Welfare State

    Charles Richardson | 09 Sep 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    Corporate Welfare Policy and the Welfare State by Davita Glasberg and Dan Skidmore (Walter de Gruyter & co, 1997.) 

  • FEATURE: A Macroeconomic Role for the IRC

    Tony Makin | 09 Sep 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    Institutional redesign as a way to reduce employment.

  • FEATURE: Beyond Master and Servant

    Ken Phillips | 06 Jun 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    The new world of non-employment.

  • COMMENT: The Welfare State- Depreciating Australia's Social Capital?

    Andrew Norton | 03 Mar 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    Large-scale bureaucracies have difficulty providing highly personalised services; not just for reasons of their size but...

  • Democracy and the Welfare State

    Kenneth Minogue | 01 Sep 1997 | Occasional Papers

    The welfare state has now been experienced by several generations. In this Occasional Paper, Professor Kenneth Minogue looks...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: Whither Development Assistance?

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 06 Jun 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    One Clear Objective: Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Development (Simons Committee Report) AusAID (Australian Government...

  • State of the Nation: Statistical Indicators of Australia's Well-being

    Lucy Sullivan | 01 Apr 1997 | Special Publications

    The first of a series of studies of the social condition of Australia in 1997.

  • SCHOOL'S BRIEF: Unemployment

    Mark Wooden | 03 Mar 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    It is widely accepted that the inability of many Australians to find paid work is a serious economic adn social problem and...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: From Welfare State to Civil Society

    Vern Hughes | 09 Sep 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    Towards Welfare that Works in New Zealand by David G. Green (New Zealand Business Roundtable, 1996.)

  • FEATURE: Making Welfare Work

    Mark Latham | 09 Sep 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    Place management as a key to welfare reform.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Radicalism, Feminism and Fanatacism: Social Work in the Nineties

    Barry Maley | 06 Jun 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    Radicalism, Feminism and Fanaticism: Social Work in the Nineties by Brian T. Trainor (Avebury Publishing, 1996.)

  • BOOK REVIEW: Social Networks and Job Acquisition in Ethnic Communities in South Australia

    Andrew Norton | 12 Dec 1995 | POLICY Magazine

    Social Networks and Job Acquisition in Ethnic Communities in South Australia by Edgar Carson (Australian Government Publishing...

  • Civic Capitalism- An Australian Agenda for Institutional Renewal

    Nick Greiner | 01 May 1995 | Occasional Papers

    A new political middle ground is forming around the idea that successful societies depend on ‘social capital’- the goodwill,...

  • The Social Roots of Prosperity

    Brigette Berger | 01 May 1995 | Occasional Papers

    A society’s prosperity depends on its families. That is the central message of Brigitte Berger’s analysis of economic...

  • REVIEW: Where to for Welfare?

    Andrew Norton | 12 Dec 1994 | POLICY Magazine

    Sustaining the welfare state remains a major problem. Welfare and Inequality: National and International Perspectives on...

  • FEATURE: Buy Australian?

    Terry Black | 03 Mar 1994 | POLICY Magazine

    Buying Australian could cost jobs and lower living standards.

  • NOTES AND COMMENTS: The Volunteers' Movement

    Christina Gretton | 03 Mar 1994 | POLICY Magazine

    There are more than 100,000 not-for-profits organisations set up to help others or their own members, dealing with health...

  • FEATURE: Employment Policies Don't Work

    Judith Sloan | 12 Dec 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Wage subsidies and public sector job creation are seen by some as a desirable response to the problem of unemployment.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Forbidden Grounds: The Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws

    Judith Sloan | 12 Dec 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Forbidden Grounds: The Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws by Richard A. Epstein (Harvard University Press, 1992.)

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Welfare Generation

    Tony Rutherford | 03 Mar 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Selfish Generations The Ageing of New Zealand's Welfare State by David Thomson (Bridget Williams Books, 1991.)

  • SCHOOL'S BRIEF: Unemployment: Dimensions, Causes and Policy Responses

    Meredith Baker | 12 Dec 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    An exploration of the dimensions and causes of current unemployment in Australia, and canvasses some policy responses.

  • BOOK REVIEW: A Man-Made Disaster

    Martin Ricketts | 09 Sep 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Excluded Americans: Homelessness and Housing Policies by William Tucker (Regnery Gateway, 1990.)

  • BOOK REVIEW: Information, Privacy and the Welfare State

    Ian Sliper | 09 Sep 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    Redistribution by Smart Card: Information, Privacy and the Welfare State: An Integrated Approach To The Administration of...

  • From Welfare State to Welfare Society

    Michael James | 01 Jul 1992 | Occasional Papers

    The legitimacy of the welfare state has survived the shift in recent years towards smaller government and a greater role...

  • FEATURE: Microeconomic Reform and the Welfare State

    James Cox | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    An exploration of the scope for reforming the welfare state through a greater reliance on means tests and on private provision...

  • REVIEW: A Framework For Family Policy

    Barry Maley | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Family in the Welfare State by Alan Tapper (Allen & Unwin, 1990.)

  • NOTES & COMMENTS: Ending the Poverty Trap for Part-Time Workers

    Terry Ryan | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    Unemployment has become a very real fact of life for many people in Australia today.

  • Equalising People: Why Social Justice Threatens Liberty

    David Green | 01 Dec 1991 | Occasional Papers

    In this Occasional Paper, David Green challenges the pursuit of social justice on three grounds: It is based on a shallow...

  • FEATURE: The Forgotten Consumer: The Distorted Delivery of Child-Care Services

    Dale Raneberg, Terence Daubney | 09 Sep 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    The persistences of informal child care in the face of increasing governent subsidies for child-care services suggests that...

  • FEATURE: Ending Aboriginal Poverty

    David Pollard | 03 Mar 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    Aboriginal self-determination and land rights policies have done nothing to stem the growth in Aboriginal unemployment that...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Public Choice and Public Interest

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Wealth, Poverty and Politics by Gordon Tullock (Basil Blackwell, 1988.)

  • FEATURE: Australia's Economic and Social Immigration Policies: A Labour Market Perspective

    Leo Dobes | 09 Sep 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    In the Winter 1989 issue of POLICY, Mark Harrison and John Logan proposed that Australia's annual immigration quota should...

  • FEATURE: Failing Families, Vanishing Australians and the Welfare State

    Barry Maley | 06 Jun 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Australia's fertility rate, like that of several other Western countries, has fallen well below the level needed to sustain...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Failure of Aboriginal Affairs Policy

    Fred Gruen | 06 Jun 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Give and Take: The Losing Partnernship In Aboriginal Poverty by David Pollard (Hale and Iremonger, 1988.)

  • Welfare State or Constitutional State?

    Suri Ratnapala | 03 May 1990 | Policy Monographs

    In this contribution to the CIS Social Welfare Research Program, Suri Ratnapala, Lecturer in Law at the University of Queensland,...

  • FEATURE: Aid For Employment?

    H. W. Arndt | 03 Mar 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Lack of employment opportunities is a major source of poverty in many developing countries. A discussion of whether and how...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: The Economic of Status: Robert Frank's "Choosing The Right Pond"

    Chandran Kukathas | 12 Dec 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    How much welfare would we forgo to retain our social status? A great deal, according to Robert H. Frank, whose book Choosing...

  • FEATURE: The Failing Symbiosis: Labour Market Regulation and the Welfare State in Australia

    P.A. McGavin | 06 Jun 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    'Symbiosis' is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'union between organisms each of which depends for its existence...

  • FEATURE: Are There Any Welfare Rights?

    Norman Barry | 06 Jun 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    The standard arguments justifying the welfare state in terms of a moral right to welfare remain controversial and inconclusive....

  • FEATURE: Long-Duration Unemployment: 'Losers' or 'Choosers'?

    P.A. McGavin | 03 Mar 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    Regulation of labour markets and the operation of the welfare state in Australia interact to encourage the emergence of long-duration...

  • CRITICAL REVIEW: Welfare versus Happiness: Charles Murray's 'In Pursuit'

    Barry Maley | 03 Mar 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    Charle's Murray's book In Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government (Simon & Schuster, 1988), builds on the many insights...

  • FEATURE: How the Welfare State Undermines Constitutionalism

    Suri Ratnapala | 03 Mar 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    The welfare state necessarily operates by way of a mass of delegated and particular legislation and so undermines the general...

  • The Welfare State: Foundations and Alternatives

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  • The Long Debate on Poverty

    R.M. Hartwell | 10 May 1988 | Occasional Papers

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    David D. Green’s monograph Social Welfare: The Changing Debate, summarises the research findings and arguments of several...

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    In this survey of a variety of aspects of income redistribution, Gordon Tullock asks not that we should necessarily change...