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All Education Publications

  • Regulating for Quality in Childcare: The Evidence Base

    Trisha Jha | 05 Nov 2014 | Policy Monographs

    The report explores the evidence base for the recent National Quality Agenda reforms to childcare that mandate lower staff-to-child...

  • Helen Hughes: A Tribute

    Glenys Byrne, Greg Lindsay, Noel Pearson, Ron Duncan, Tony Abbott | 27 Aug 2014 | Policy Forum

    CIS Senior Fellow Professor Helen Hughes AO passed away on 15 June 2013 after a lifetime dedicated to working passionately...

  • School Funding on a Budget

    Jennifer Buckingham | 30 Apr 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    Government expenditure on schools has more than doubled in real terms in the last 25 years, while student numbers have only...

  • Submission to the National Commission of Audit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Stephen Kirchner, Trisha Jha | 01 Apr 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal government’s Commission of Audit (CoA) was established in 2013 to review the performance and role of government....

  • Why Jaydon Can’t Read: A Forum on Fixing Literacy

    Jennifer Buckingham, Justine Ferrari, Tom Alegounarias | 18 Feb 2014 | Issue Analysis

    This Issue Analysis compiles the three speeches given at the CIS event ‘Why Jaydon Can’t Read: A Forum on Fixing Literacy’...

  • Emergency Budget Repair Kit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Trisha Jha | 21 Nov 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal budget deficit has been described as an emergency. Cutting wasteful programs can save more than $20 billion a...

  • The Right to the Good Life: Improving Educational Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children

    Marcia Langton | 01 Oct 2013 | Occasional Papers

    Indigenous students should be treated not as incommensurately different but like all other students who are required to become...

  • FEATURE: Why Jaydon Can’t Read: The Triumph of Ideology over Evidence in Teaching Reading

    Jennifer Buckingham, Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Beaman-Wheldall | 01 Oct 2013 | POLICY Magazine

    The current entrenched rate of illiteracy among Australian children is unnecessary and avoidable.

  • The future of education — a structural perspective

    Jennifer Buckingham | 22 Aug 2013 | Speeches

    A speech by Jennifer Buckingham to the AISNSW Executive Conference on the macro-trends in education policy in Australia and...

  • TARGET30: Reducing the burden for future generations

    David Murray AO, Maurice Newman, Simon Cowan | 01 Jul 2013 | Policy Forum

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government and cutting government spending to less than 30% of GDP in the next 10...

  • FEATURE: The Future of Higher Education: Faster, Cheaper, Better

    Steven Schwartz | 01 Jul 2013 | POLICY Magazine

    The Internet bullet train has left the station. Australian universities need to get on board before it runs over them.

  • FEATURE: The Future of Higher Education: Better But Not Necessarily Faster or Cheaper

    Andrew Norton | 01 Jul 2013 | POLICY Magazine

    It is unlikely online higher education will sweep all else aside. Most young people will still want some campus-based learning.

  • Tax Welfare Churn and the Australian Welfare State

    Andrew Baker | 27 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The welfare state currently consumes $316 billion a year; however, much of this spending is not targeted at those who need...

  • TARGET30: Towards smaller government and future prosperity

    Peter Saunders, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan | 06 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government, supported by a series of research reports providing policy solutions...

  • Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 19 Feb 2013 | Issue Analysis

    Government programs to upskill the Australian workforce for the Asian Century are a solution to a non-problem. With more...

  • Keeping PISA in Perspective: Why Australian Education Policy Should Not Be Driven by International Test Results

    Jennifer Buckingham | 18 Dec 2012 | Issue Analysis

    International student assessments such as the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Trends in International...

  • Australia's Asia Literacy Non-Problem

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 05 Sep 2012 | Issue Analysis

    New large-scale Asia literacy programs are not necessary for Australia to prosper in the Asian Century. There are approximately...

  • Indigenous Education 2012

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013, Mark Hughes | 27 Jun 2012 | Policy Monographs

    Indigenous Education 2012 reviews the lack of progress by states and territories in improving Indigenous literacy and numeracy....

  • Overcoming a Culture of Low Expectations

    Jessica Brown | 28 Mar 2012 | Issue Analysis

    The most important thing we can do to encourage disadvantaged Australians into work – including people with disabilities,...

  • NSW Community Discussion Paper: Improving Educational Outcomes for Aboriginal People

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013, Mark Hughes | 23 Mar 2012 | Submissions

    By ending the raft of current discriminatory, costly and ineffective Indigenous education policies, the New South Wales Coalition...

  • Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013, Sara Hudson | 18 Nov 2011 | Submissions

    Australia has a serious problem in low participation in higher education by students from low socio-economic backgrounds....

  • School Funding, Choice and Equity

    Jennifer Buckingham | 26 Oct 2011 | Issue Analysis

    CIS Research Fellow Jennifer Buckingham says the three main goals of school funding – equity, efficiency and excellence...

  • The Rise of Religious Schools in Australia

    Jennifer Buckingham | 16 Sep 2010 | Policy Monographs

    Growth in the non-government school sector in Australia has been driven by religious schools, with the largest increases...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University

    Andrew Norton | 17 Jun 2010 | POLICY Magazine

    The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University by Louis Menand (W. W. Norton, 2010.)

  • Indigenous Education 2010

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 20 Apr 2010 | Policy Monographs

    The 2009 NAPLAN literacy and numeracy tests confirm the continued failure of Indigenous education. The government's 'closing...

  • REVIEW ESSAY: The New Middle Class and Education

    Alan Barcan | 22 Mar 2010 | POLICY Magazine

    School Choice: How Parents Negotiate the New School Market in Australia by Craig Campbell, Helen Proctor & Geoffrey Sherington...

  • Educating The Disadvantaged

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Oct 2009 | Issue Analysis

    Every child can succeed at school if education providers take the right approach. Educating the Disadvantaged, a collection...

  • In Defence of Non-Government Schools

    Jennifer Buckingham | 02 Jul 2009 | Issue Analysis

    Non-government schools are providers of public education and deserve adequate public funding. The purposes and functions...

  • Schools of Thought: A Collection of Articles on Education

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Jul 2009 | Special Publications

    Over the last decade, schools policy in Australia has undergone significant changes.  Jennifer Buckingham has been a significant...

  • OPINION: Can A Third of a Higher Education Reform Work?

    Andrew Norton | 04 Jun 2009 | POLICY Magazine

    The government's demand-driven higher education funding policy is only one of three market elements needed.

  • Indigenous Participation in University Education

    Joe Lane | 27 May 2009 | Issue Analysis

    The government’s use of race-based ‘average’ educational performance measures denigrates Indigenous achievement, ignoring...

  • Revisiting Indigenous Education

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 09 Apr 2009 | Policy Monographs

    Aboriginal and Torres Islander children in remote communities must not be viewed as ‘different’ from other Australian...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Why Not The Best Schools? What We Have Learned From Outstanding Schools Around The World

    Jennifer Buckingham | 03 Mar 2009 | POLICY Magazine

    Why Not The Best Schools? What We Have Learned From Outstanding Schools Around The World By Brian Caldwell and Jessica Harris...

  • Fixing Prices: Why Vouchers Won't Work While Governments Set Fees

    Andrew Norton | 11 Feb 2009 | Issue Analysis

    The Bradley report is another chapter in the long story of pricing neglect in higher education. The report should have gone...

  • FEATURE: Politics and the University

    Greg Melleuish | 12 Dec 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Claims of academics bias raise deeper questions about the nature of universities.

  • Making the Grade: School Report Cards and League Tables

    Jennifer Buckingham | 20 Nov 2008 | Issue Analysis

    International research shows that students in schools that publish their results publicly perform better than students in...

  • Child Care and the Labour Supply

    Jennifer Buckingham | 23 Jul 2008 | Issue Analysis

    This report investigates whether child care is unaffordable and if government funding is contributing to its affordability...

  • OPINION: A 'Fair Go' in Schools

    Kevin Donnelly | 04 Jun 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    More money alone cannot overcome educational disadvantage.

  • Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 07 Apr 2008 | Policy Monographs

    The causes of failing education—inequitable school facilities, inappropriate curriculums, and inadequate teaching—in...

  • BOOK REVIEW: School Choice: The Findings

    James Paterson | 03 Mar 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    School Choice: The Findings by Herbert J. Wahlberg (Cato Institute, 2007).

  • REVIEW ESSAY: The Predictive Power of Statistics

    Ross Farrelly | 03 Mar 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Data crunching may soon be more important than intuitive decision-making.

  • What are Low Ability Workers To Do When Unskilled Jobs Disappear? Part 2

    Peter Saunders | 14 Feb 2008 | Issue Analysis

    Despite low unemployment, working-age welfare dependency remains high, partly because demand for unskilled labour is in decline....

  • BOOK REVIEW: Which School? Beyond Private vs Public

    Jennifer Buckingham | 09 Sep 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Which School? Beyond Private vs Public by Joanna Mendelssohn (Pluto Press, 2007).

  • FEATURE: The Finn Red Line

    Jennifer Buckingham | 09 Sep 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Chester E Finn Jr talks to Jennifer Buckingham about tensions between school autonomy, parental choice and the need for better...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Dumbing Down: Outcomes-Based and Politically Correct- The impact of the Culture Wars on Our School

    Jennifer Buckingham | 06 Jun 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Dumbing Down: Outcomes-based and politically correct- the impact of the Culture Wars on our schools by Kevin Donnelly (Hardie...

  • COMMENT: National Curriculum: A Bipartisan Bad Idea

    Ross Farrelly | 06 Jun 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    A national curriculum involves more risks than benefits.

  • What Is Working in Good Schools in Remote Indigenous Communities?

    Kirsten Storry | 04 Apr 2007 | Issue Analysis

    School‑side and community‑side interventions with which good schools are trying to break the cycle of low attendance,...

  • Mismatch: Australia’s Graduates and the Job Market

    Andrew Norton | 23 Mar 2007 | Issue Analysis

    The Commonwealth-directed higher education system has produced a mismatch between available graduates and jobs. Australia’s...

  • REVIEW ESSAY: Ten Views on Vouchers

    Jennifer Buckingham | 03 Mar 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    School choice causes controversy, even among its supporters.

  • Teachers and the Waiting Game: Why Decentralisation is Vital for Public Schools

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Feb 2007 | Issue Analysis

    Centralised staffing systems, which fiercely protect regulations that shelter poor teachers and privilege longevity over...

  • Tackling Literacy in Remote Aboriginal Communities

    Kirsten Storry | 31 Aug 2006 | Issue Analysis

    Literacy rates among children and adults in remote Aboriginal communities are appallingly low, and cannot be reversed without...

  • School Autonomy: A Key Reform for Improving Indigenous Education

    Julie Novak | 21 Jun 2006 | Issue Analysis

    The government school model is failing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and urgently needs reform. School...

  • FEATURE: Choice matters: What Needs to Change to Make Schools Competitive?

    Julie Novak | 03 Mar 2006 | POLICY Magazine

    Despite increasing private school enrolments, school policy does not foster compeitition.

  • FEATURE: Shares in People

    Joseph Clark | 03 Mar 2006 | POLICY Magazine

    Students could finance their studies through selling equity in their future income.

  • HELPless: How the FEE-HELP Loans System Lets Students Down and How to Fix it

    Andrew Norton | 27 Feb 2006 | Issue Analysis

    Three new loans schemes were introduced in 2005 to fix omissions in the HECS system, but a more realistic FEE-HELP loan...

  • Education and Learning in an Aboriginal Community

    Veronica Cleary | 06 Dec 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The principal reason why so many Aboriginal people are unable to find jobs is that children in remote areas, such as the...

  • Good Teachers Where They Are Needed

    Jennifer Buckingham | 19 Oct 2005 | Issue Analysis

    Allowing qualified professionals to become teachers through school-based education has the potential to reduce Australia’s...

  • FEATURE: Forced To Be Free? Compelling Voluntary Student Unionism

    Charles Richardson | 09 Sep 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    The ossified politics of an earlier era are behind the VSU bill.

  • FEATURE: Science in the Service of the Nation State

    Tom Quirk | 09 Sep 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    Universities are the wrong place to look for sources of business innovation.

  • FEATURE: Welcome the Edupreneurs

    Ross Farrelly | 09 Sep 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    For-profit education would benefit students and teachers.

  • The Free Market Case Against Voluntary Student Unionism (But for Voluntary Student Representation)

    Andrew Norton | 31 Aug 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The federal government plans to introduce ‘voluntary student unionism’ (VSU) into Australia’s universities by banning...

  • Universities in a State: The Federal Case Against Commonwealth Control of Universities

    Andrew Norton | 24 Mar 2005 | Issue Analysis

    The Commonwealth Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, has suggested that the federal government assume full legal responsibility...

  • FEATURE: Is Life-long Learning Worth the Effort?

    Steven Schwartz | 03 Mar 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    Beware of further study mature workers.

  • FEATURE: Parent Power

    Ross Farrelly | 03 Mar 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    The free market, rather than the centralised bureaucracy, should decide what children learn at school and how they learn...

  • REVIEW ESSAY: In Pursuit of Truth and Beauty

    Wolfgang Kasper | 03 Mar 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950 by Charles Murray (Harper Collins...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens

    Andrew Leigh | 06 Jun 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    Motivation, Agency and Public Policy: Of Knights and Knaves, Pawns and Queens by Julian Le Grand (Oxford University Press,...

  • State of the Nation: An Agenda for Change 2004

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 May 2004 | Special Publications

    This book is now in its fourth edition.  It offers independent views on Australia’s progress across a range of indicators...

  • Schools in the Spotlight. School Performance Reporting and Public Accountability

    Jennifer Buckingham | 03 Mar 2004 | Policy Monographs

    Buckingham calls for a consistent, fair and meaningful system of reporting and publishing comparative school performance,...

  • REVIEW ESSAY: The Idea of the University

    Geoff Sharrock | 03 Mar 2004 | POLICY Magazine

    Off Course: From Public Place to Marketplace at Melbourne University by John Cain and John Hewitt (Scribe Publications, 2004).

  • Valuing Education: A Response to the Australia Institute Report 'Buying an Education'

    Jennifer Buckingham | 21 Jan 2004 | Issue Analysis

    The Australia Institute, in publishing this report, has done nothing to advance serious and constructive debate on education...

  • Boys' Education - Research & Rhetoric

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Jan 2004 | Occasional Papers

    There is significant evidence that boys have been experiencing educational disadvantage. In this paper, Jennifer Buckingham...

  • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Dr Nelson Mixes Price Flexibility and Rigid Quotas

    Andrew Norton | 18 Jun 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Education Minister Dr Brendan Nelson’s proposed reforms of higher education will improve the quality of Australian higher...

  • Student Debt: A HECS on Fertility?

    Andrew Norton | 02 Apr 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Opponents of university fees are tapping into concern about declining fertility levels by arguing that there may be a link...

  • Reflections on Class Size and Teacher Quality

    Jennifer Buckingham | 21 Mar 2003 | Issue Analysis

    The statistical evidence showing that boys have lower literacy levels and lower average performance than girls in almost...

  • INTERVIEW: The Man With the Campus Keys

    Andrew Norton | 09 Mar 2003 | POLICY Magazine

    Now in his third country of residence, university Vice Chancellor Steven Schwartz explains how Australian reforms in higher...

  • The Missing Links: Class Size, Discipline, Inclusion and Teacher Quality

    Jennifer Buckingham | 19 Feb 2003 | Issue Analysis

    The Vinson Report is let down by a lack of rigour and an apparent partiality in its analysis of reforms that have important...

  • FEATURE: Reforming School Education: Class Size and Teacher Quality

    Jennifer Buckingham | 19 Jan 2003 | POLICY Magazine

    Research shows that effective teaching is far more important than the number of children in the classroom, suggesting that...

  • The Unchained University

    Andrew Norton | 19 Nov 2002 | Policy Monographs

    Australia's universities are not preparing students adequately for their futures.  Report author and higher education expert...

  • Getting it Right Some of the Time: An Appraisal of the Report on the Inquiry into the Education of Boys

    Jennifer Buckingham | 14 Nov 2002 | Issue Analysis

    The 2002 parliamentary inquiry and report into the education of boys has failed to recognise that boys from single parent...

  • Families Freedom and Education: Why School Choice Makes Sense

    Jennifer Buckingham | 24 Jun 2002 | Policy Monographs

    Parents have been demonstrating their increasing lack of faith in the public education system for decades, as reflected in...

  • The Importance of Teacher Quality

    Ken Rowe | 28 Feb 2002 | Issue Analysis

    When all other sources of variation in performance are taken into account – including socioeconomic background and differences...

  • The Social Foundations of a Free Society

    Peter Saunders | 12 Feb 2002 | Occasional Papers

    A look at five main areas where current trends may be eroding the free society - family life, schooling, community relations,...

  • Public Education in New South Wales: Submission to the ‘Vinson’ Inquiry

    Ross Harold | 28 Nov 2001 | Issue Analysis

    The most effective way of improving school performance without increasing recurrent funding is to enable schools to respond...

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | Special Publications

    This major report finds that Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for the better, sometimes...

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change (CD ROM)

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | Special Publications

    A CD version of a major report that finds Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for...

  • BOOK REVIEW:The Enterprise University: Power, Governance and Reinvention in Australia

    Andrew Norton | 12 Dec 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    The Enterprise University: Power, Governance and Reinvention in Australia by Simon Marginson and Mark Considine (Cambridge...

  • School Funding for All: Making Sense of the Debate over Dollars

    Jennifer Buckingham | 12 Oct 2000 | Issue Analysis

    Public debate over school funding is characterised by misinformation and misunderstanding, making any agreement or compromise...

  • Code of Silence: Public Reporting of School Performance

    Alison Rich | 04 Oct 2000 | Issue Analysis

    The refusal of state governments to release any comparative school data means the public and parents are powerless to combat...

  • Beyond the Classroom : how parents influence their children's education

    Alison Rich | 30 Aug 2000 | Policy Monographs

    Parents are crucial to the academic success of their children. The report, Beyond the Classroom: How Parents Influence Their...

  • The Truth about Private Schools in Australia

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Aug 2000 | Issue Analysis

    The evidence strongly suggests that private schools offer their students something that goes beyond financial resources and...

  • Degrees of Difficulty: The Labour Market Problems of Arts and Social Science Graduates

    Andrew Norton | 19 Jul 2000 | Issue Analysis

    That the Australian higher education system is comprehensively rigged against students is evident from the current oversupply...

  • Trailing the Class: Sole Parent Families and Educational Disadvantage

    Alison Rich | 26 Jun 2000 | Issue Analysis

    The association between family structure and educational performance has been the focus of much research in recent years....

  • Boy Troubles: Understanding Rising Suicide, Rising Crime and Educational Failure

    Jennifer Buckingham | 14 Jun 2000 | Policy Monographs

    Australian boys are at greater risk of doing badly at school, participating in juvenile crime, and committing suicide. The...

  • COMMENT: The Idea of a University Beyond 2000

    Alan Gilbert | 03 Mar 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    To survive in the increasingly competitive higher education sector, Australian universities must either 'change or die'....

  • FEATURE: Academic Freedom and the Well-Managed University

    Lauchlan Chipman | 03 Mar 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    Higher education is poised to become one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the new knowledge economy. Can Australia's...

  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Liberalising Learning: An Overview

    Andrew Norton | 03 Mar 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    Three Bert Kelly Lectures on higher education reform.

  • FEATURE: The Trouble With Boys

    Jennifer Buckingham | 03 Mar 2000 | POLICY Magazine

    Boys are falling behind at school at alarming rates while girls continue to improve. What is causing this gender gap? Has...

  • The Puzzle of Boys’ Educational Decline: A Review of the Evidence

    Jennifer Buckingham | 18 Nov 1999 | Issue Analysis

    Although research has attempted to explain the decline in boy's performance at school, lack of empirical evidence has precluded...

  • FEATURE: 'League Tables' of School Performance

    Ken Gannicott | 08 Sep 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    A legitimate tool of public policy.

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Future of Schools

    Mark Harrison | 06 Jun 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    The Future of Schools: Lessons from the Reform of Public Education by Brian Caldwell and Don Hayward (Falmer Press, 1998.)

  • Taking Education Seriously - A Reform Program for Australia's Schools

    Ken Gannicott | 16 Sep 1997 | Policy Monographs

    Australia's schools are much criticised by students, parents and employers. Despite significant increases in educational...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: Back From the Brink

    Lucy Sullivan | 09 Sep 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    Shaping Their Future: Recommendations for Reform of the Higher School Certificate by Barry McGaw (Australian Council for...

  • FEATURE: Charter Schools: A New Paradigm For Public Education

    Ken Gannicott | 06 Jun 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    Charter schools can bring diversity and choice to public education.

  • State of the Nation: Statistical Indicators of Australia's Well-being

    Lucy Sullivan | 01 Apr 1997 | Special Publications

    The first of a series of studies of the social condition of Australia in 1997.

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: Family, Education and Society

    Lucy Sullivan | 12 Dec 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    Family, Education and Society: The Australian Perspective edited by A. R. Barcan and P. O'Flaherty (Academy Press, 1995.)

  • FEATURE: Civics and Citizenship Education

    Kevin Donnelly | 12 Dec 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    The dangers of centralised civics education.

  • A Private Education for All

    Mark Harrision | 01 Feb 1996 | Occasional Papers

    Mark Harrison argues in A Private Education for Allthat public education suffers from a lack of competition and a political...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Sociological Theory and Educational Reality

    Patrick Morgan | 06 Jun 1994 | POLICY Magazine

    Sociological Theory and Educational Reality: Education & Society in Australia since 1949 by Alan Barcan (UNSW Press,...

  • FEATURE: Autonomy and School Achievement

    Ken Gannicott | 03 Mar 1994 | POLICY Magazine

    Independent schools are the key to better academic performance.

  • FEATURE: Fees, Subsidies and the Market for Higher Education

    Mark Harrison | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Mark Harrison argues that despite major reforms since 1988, the continuing absence of price signals and market incentives...

  • FEATURE: America's Bureaucratic Crisis of Education

    Jack D. Douglas | 06 Jun 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    American education can be revitalised only by abandoning the trend towards central bureaucratic planning and returning to...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Threat to Liberal Education

    C. L. Ten | 06 Jun 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus by Dinesh D'Souza (The Free Press, 1991.)

  • NOTES & COMMENTS: Disestablishing Public Education

    Anna David | 06 Jun 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    C/CSA is a working example of a market solution to the national education crisis. While public education remains mired in...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Ecology of Knowledge

    Leslie Graves | 03 Mar 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Unfathomed Knowledge, Unmeasured Wealth: On Universities and the Wealth of Nations by William Warren Bartley III (Open Court,...

  • FEATURE: Student Fees and The Demand For University Places

    Ken Gannicott | 12 Dec 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    Higher student fees need not be inconsistent with equity considerations.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Beyond The Information Society

    Philip de Lacey | 12 Dec 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    Beyond Universities: A New Republic of the Intellect by Douglas Hague (Institute of Economic Affairs, 1991.)

  • BOOK REVIEW: Missing the Major Villains

    David Armstrong | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Decline of the University by Philip de Lacey and Gabriel Moens (Law Press, 1990.)

  • FEATURE: The Forgotten Consumer: The Distorted Delivery of Child-Care Services

    Dale Raneberg, Terence Daubney | 09 Sep 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    The persistences of informal child care in the face of increasing governent subsidies for child-care services suggests that...

  • FEATURE: The Rise of the State in Education: Part One: The Intellectual Background

    Edwin G. West | 03 Mar 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    In the first of two articles documenting the growth of state involvement in education, Edwin West traces the decline of the...

  • The Education Monopoly Problem

    Edwin G. West | 12 Dec 1989 | Occasional Papers

    Professor Edwin West explores the various mechanisms that have evolved in several countries for enhancing choice both within...