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The New Zealand Policy Unit conducted research between 2006 and 2012. The unit’s work focused on issues specific to New Zealand policy, including tax, government spending, tertiary education and social policy.

The unit also released regular papers in the Issue Analysis series, opinion pieces in major New Zealand news outlets, and articles in Policy Magazine.

For current New Zealand policy issues, we recommend the work of the NZ Initiative, established by former CIS Research Fellow Oliver Marc Hartwich in 2012.

CIS New Zealand Policy Unit research:


  1. Preserving Peace as China Rises I

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 13 Mar 2014 | Foreign Policy Analysis

    Inventive foreign policy that can simultaneously reassure the Indo-Pacific’s established powers and accommodate Chinese... Read More...

  2. Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

    Andrew Patterson, David Kirk, Don Turkington, Luke Malpass | 27 Mar 2012 | Policy Forum

    Why are so many New Zealanders flocking to Australian shores, and what can be done to stop the so-called Kiwi ‘brain drain’? In... Read More...

  3. The Decade-long Binge: How Government Squandered Ten Years of Economic Prosperity

    Luke Malpass | 17 Nov 2011 | Issue Analysis

    Government spending in New Zealand has increased enormously over the past decade in order to meet social goals. From 2000-2010... Read More...

  4. FEATURE: Two-Party Democracies: The Gold Standard for Electoral Systems

    Luke Malpass | 20 Aug 2011 | POLICY Magazine

    New Zealand should abandon its electoral system at the November referendum.

  5. Alcohol Policy and the Politics of Moral Panic

    Luke Malpass | 26 May 2011 | Policy Monographs

    New Zealand’s proposed liquor legislation marks a return to old attitudes towards alcohol regulation that perversely believe,... Read More...

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Opinion & Commentary

  1. Kiwis put ETS on the shelf

    Luke Malpass | 15 Dec 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand’s realistic policy approach, combined with its almost defunct carbon market, should be a real wake-up call ... Read More

  2. Land of the long white cloud faces bad weather

    Luke Malpass | 24 Nov 2011 | The Age

    SINCE 2008, New Zealand has been led by former investment banker John Key's National Party. The party campaigned on growing ... Read More

  3. Kiwis facing a critical choice

    Luke Malpass | 24 Nov 2011 | Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand must overcome challenging economic conditions, writes Luke Malpass... Read More

  4. Spending Spree wasted decade of prosperity

    Luke Malpass | 18 Nov 2011 | The National Business Review

    NZ’s decade long spending binge was prosperity wasted.... Read More

  5. Stop pricing young workers out of the labour force

    Eric Crampton | 10 Jun 2011 | The Dominion Post

    Minimum wages hurt employment prospects for the people they're intended to help.... Read More

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