Liberty & Society Conferences


Applications for Perth 2019 open soon.

The Centre for Independent Studies recognises the importance of exposing, challenging and supporting young people who have an interest in exploring the foundations of a free society. The Liberty and Society student conferences are highly regarded with many participants saying the weekend was pivotal in building their personal philosophical framework. A must for anyone interested in exploring classical liberal ideas.

Liberty and Society is a unique conference program for undergraduates, recent graduates and postgraduates. The goal of the Liberty and Society conferences is to create an intellectual environment where ideas and opinions about what makes a free society can be discussed, argued and learnt. Generous scholarships allow everyone to apply.

Liberty and Society is for young people who may be questioning the standard answers they are getting regarding social, political and economic issues. You may not see yourself as fitting into the ‘left’ or ‘right’ mould. This is an opportunity to consider the classical liberal perspective. Classical liberalism promotes individual freedom, private property, limited government and free trade.

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and build upon your existing philosophical framework with the support of CIS and our distinguished speakers and researchers.