Extra $4.6 billion for schools a bad deal for taxpayers

Blaise Joseph

20 September 2018 | MEDIA RELEASE

The Morrison government’s announcement today of an extra $4.6 billion for non-government schools over the next 10 years is a bad deal for taxpayers, says Centre for Independent Studies education policy analyst Blaise Joseph.

Mr Joseph said the additional money promised is unjustified and undermines the consistency of the school funding model.

“The original purpose of the Gonski 2.0 school funding plan — to finally move to a consistent model with ‘no special deals’ — is now officially dead.”

“Federal government funding is already increasing for the government, Catholic, and independent school sectors, at rates well above inflation and student enrolment growth.”

“There is absolutely no evidence the extra billions of taxpayer dollars announced today is necessary for getting better school results, especially since previous spending increases have failed to improve student outcomes.”

Blaise Joseph is an education policy analyst at The Centre for Independent Studies and author of The Fantasy of Gonski Funding: The ongoing battle over school spending.

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