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Cracking the ‘safe schools’ campaign

safe schoolWhen does ‘safe’ mean ‘dangerous’? Answer: when the education of young children falls into the hands of a cabal of fanatical Marxist ideologues. 

It’s happening in Victoria where the Safe Schools Coalition is pushing its aggressive ideology of gender fluidity to reshape society and destroy oppressive power structures. 

Premier Daniel Andrews has given gender activists the green light to mess with kids’ heads. He condemns anyone who questions the merits of the ideology-driven program as a “bigot”. 

Wasn’t the Safe Schools Coalition supposed to be about putting a stop to bullying? This seems to be not about bullying at all. 

Co-founder Roz Ward has been promoting transgender lesson plans for seven-year-old children — featuring genderless aliens who have arrived on Earth.

Thankfully these extraterrestrial folk are just imaginary; but Ms Ward sets an equally imaginary problem for the alien visitors: how to tell female and male Earthlings apart?

Just two genders? Male and female? Only a bigot could think that. Allowing boys to be, well, boys? How much more hateful does it get?

Safe Schools Coalition insists that there are many genders, all of which are merely social constructs — so you can take your pick. 

This nonsense, supported by Premier Andrews and his Green-Left government, is built on two big lies our culture has readily accepted but failed to question. 

Lie Number One: if you don’t agree with another person’s lifestyle, you obviously fear them or hate them. 

Lie Number Two: if you love someone you must agree with everything they believe.

The Safe Schools Coalition propaganda is dangerous. It aims to recruit the most vulnerable young Australians in a long campaign of attrition against our social structures.

If the gender activists were really smart, they’d campaign to ensure our Aussie kids had literacy skills. At least that way they would be able to read Karl Marx’s Capital and decide for themselves whether gender is tyranny after all.