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If I Ran the Woke Zoo

Cancel culture has ensured any transgression — no matter how big, small or imaginary — is punishable by firing and social ostracisation, without any hope of repentance.

The business that exists to preserve Dr Seuss’ legacy will now no longer publish six of the beloved author’s works “because of racist and insensitive imagery” that “portray people in ways that’s are hurtful and wrong.”  The titles are: If I Ran the Zoo, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, McElligot’s PoolOn Beyond Zebra!Scrambled Eggs Super!, and The Cat’s Quizzer.

Dr Seuss Enterprises took this decision after last year raking in an estimated $42.3 million from the deceased author’s works. One should wonder if they will donate the money from the sales of the ‘harmful’ books.

A large, rich company self-cancelling is one thing, but the spectre of cancel culture is widening, and looking for more scalps.

The American Bachelor — which has been on the air for a quarter of a century — recently suffered cancel culture fever.

One of the contestants was cancelled after accusations of racism; the host was cancelled for urging grace and forgiveness; and the Bachelor himself issued an apology for not condemning the incident enough.

The crime being that the contestant, Rachel, went to an Antebellum party dressed in old-fashioned attire. And Rachel was also the winner — meaning the Bachelor sacrificed his girlfriend to avoid a swarming cancel mob.

This may appear trivial, even amusing, but this event cost people their jobs, relationships, reputations, and likely, future job opportunities — over a photo.

It is ridiculous to make individuals or companies sacrifice their opportunities or achievements because of newly invented, and ever-changing moral codes.

Like most moral panics, those caught up in a cancel mob, do not stop to think about the consequences.

Cancellations sow division and mistrust. Recent polling of Americans has shown, under Biden, Americans are more distrustful and fearful about each other, and more divided than they were under Trump.

To borrow from one of Dr Seuss’s classics enthused about ‘The Places You’ll Go!’.

But if the woke insist on cancelling everyone they do not like, the place we end up will be very dark indeed.