Challenges and opportunities for liberalism in Germany - The Centre for Independent Studies
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Centre for Independent Studies · S3E7 | Sabine Beppler-Spahl 'Challenges and opportunities for liberalism in Germany'

Challenges and opportunities for liberalism in Germany

Speaking from Berlin, Sabine speaks with Rob about why she set up the Freiblickinstitut (Free Vision Institute) to promote open freedom of discussion and tolerance in public debate. They discuss some of the tragic moments of lost opportunity for liberalism in Germany history. Sabine explains why there is no German word for ‘Cancel Culture’ in German, even though the phenomenon exists in a country that has always had some form of censorship. She describes the unusual powers of the courts in Germany to decide matters of public debate as well as the unhelpful role of political consensus in stifling debate. Nonetheless she is hopeful for the future of liberalism in Germany.