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Making Maths Teaching Count

In this episode, we delve into the concerning decline of proficiency in mathematics among Australian students over the past two decades. Join host Glenn Fahey, along with special guests Sarah Powell and Toni Hatten-Roberts, as they unravel the complexities behind this trend.

Sarah Powell is Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Texas, Austin. She is a leading advocate within the US Science of Math movement, advancing evidence-informed teaching practice. She is co-author of the CIS publications: Myths that interfere with mathematics teaching and Evidence-based teaching in maths.

Toni Hatten-Roberts is an award winning educator and is the director of COGlearn and Executive Director of Education at Mastery Schools Australia. She is also the author of the CIS publication “The Need For Speed: why fluency counts for maths learning.”

Glenn Fahey is Director of Education at the Centre for Independent Studies. He is the author of several CIS publications, including: Starting off on the wrong foot: How to improve Initial Teacher Education in Australia and Failing to teach the teacher: An analysis of mathematics Initial Teacher Education. He provides regular commentary across major newspapers across Australia.