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The Art of Opposition

Oppositions hold governments to account, raise issues of public concern, represent aggrieved citizens, propose alternative policies. Having a viable and energetic opposition is an essential for the health of any democracy.

The Art of Opposition is the first detailed published research study of Australian oppositions across all federal and state jurisdictions and with an additional international coverage of the United Kingdom, Canada, United States and European nations.

With senior academic contributors from across Australian and international universities along with practitioners who, like John Howard, have led oppositions, former chiefs of staff of opposition leaders and other senior support staff, The Art of Opposition provides an up-to-date account of what oppositions do and how they do it. Other contributors include David Clune OAM, Rodney Tiffen, Brendan McCaffrie and Rodney Smith.

Scott Prasser is currently a Senior Fellow at CIS. Scott has worked in federal and state governments in senior policy and research positions. He has published and commented widely on state and federal politics and has focused his work on royal commissions and public inquires. His recent publications include Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries in Australia released in 2021 and The Whitlam Era released in 2022.

John Howard OM AC was Prime Minister of Australia from 1996-2007 and Member of the Australian Parliament for Bennelong from 1974-2007.

Andrew Blyth is the John Howard Fellow at CIS. His prior roles include managing the John Howard Prime Ministerial Library and as a senior adviser and chief of staff. Andrew is author of recent CIS research paper; From ANZUS to AUKUS: Howard’s Legacy in Shaping Australia’s Defence Strategy.

Tom Switzer is the Executive Director at the Centre for Independent Studies, and formerly hosted Between the Lines on the ABC’s Radio National. He is also a regular contributor to The Australian and the Australian Financial Review.