100 Days On: Trump and Trade – The Impact of Neo-Protectionism on Australia

Until his recent retirement from politics, Andrew Robb was Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment. In this role Mr Robb negotiated Free Trade Agreements, investment roundtables and created Strategic Partnerships in our region and abroad.

As we approach the first 100 day mark of the Trump administration, it is timely to remember that the biggest impact of President Trump on Australia probably remains his first executive order scrapping the Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement. As a small trading nation, Australia’s prosperity is threatened by the rise of neo-Protectionism both abroad and locally. Drawing on his vast experience of free trade agreements with South Korea, Japan and China, as well as the 12 country Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement on Australia’s behalf, former trade minister in the Abbott and Turnbull Government, the Hon. Andrew Robb, will explain why freer trade is in our national interest – and why America’s turn towards protectionism under Trump is bad news for the Australian economy.