2020 Iowa Caucus Elections, confusion and delays. Trump claims victory.

Many seasoned experts of American politics believe Donald Trump is the most vulnerable first-term president since Jimmy Carter four decades ago. After all, his refusal to abide by familiar presidential decorum, especially in his public statements and attacks on individuals, turns off a majority of voters.

However, the Democrats are moving to the ideological Left so rapidly that they may let Trump turn this year’s presidential election into a choice between Trump’s policy record (tax cuts, deregulation) that has led to a more prosperous America and the most extreme US left-wing agenda in living memory.

In the immediate aftermath of the Iowa Caucuses, CIS executive director, Tom Switzer convened our panel on the state of US politics in 2020. The result, which was marred by delays, technical mishaps and confusion came in a week as Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union and survived impeachment.

Who’s the most likely Democrat contender? Why is the party of Kennedy and Clinton becoming more interventionist on economic issues? What might a Democratic victory of the White House and both houses of Congress in November mean for America and the world? Doug Bandow is senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington and the CIS scholar-in-residence for 2020. He was special assistant to president Ronald Reagan.