The content of this is likely to cause offence, outrage and umbrage - The Centre for Independent Studies
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The content of this is likely to cause offence, outrage and umbrage

Trigger Warning: The content of this event is likely to cause offence, outrage and umbrage. No post-event trauma counselling will be provided, although we are giving serious consideration to making the office broom closet a safe space. BYO smelling salts.

The book launch of Trigger Warning, a collection by acclaimed cartoonist, artist and writer Bill Leak.

Barrister Anthony Morris QC, the lawyer who represented QUT students in the 18C case, launched the book.

The book is a compilation of Bill’s best cartoons from 2016 after a harrowing couple of years for this champion of free speech.

Perhaps Brendan O’Neill best sums up the situation: “Bill Leak is the living, breathing definition of a free thinker. His cartoons clearly spring from a mind that hasn’t been cowed by the new conformism. Whether he’s ripping the piss out of the pieties of PC, the misanthropy of environmentalism, or the hypocrisy of a new elite that claims to love the poor but really fears and loathes them, there’s a depth and wit to his cartoons that is too often lacking in the work of other cartoonists, who seem to think their role is to flatter the prejudices of the chattering class rather than poke them with a big, silly stick. He’s invaluable in these intellectually straitjacketed times, a reminder that the larrikin spirit lives on, however much Islamists, human-rights dullards and pinched-faced leftists might prefer it was dead and buried. Oh, and he’s a pretty good painter too.”

We hope you can join us for a spirited and determinedly politically incorrect evening.