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Forty years after Thatcher’s election

With Britain’s ruling Conservative Party in disarray, and against the backdrop of a chaotic British exit from the EU, there is a real danger that Britain is lurching to the left. Join us to get an in-depth analysis of the British Conservative crisis and the rise of millennial socialism.

Forty years ago, Margaret Thatcher led her Conservative Party to victory and set the scene for a wave of privatisation and deregulation across the Anglosphere. From the Keynesian mindset that delivered economic stagflation and the “winter of discontent” in the 1970s, the UK, as well as the US, Australia and New Zealand, moved to an era of sounder policy and more durable prosperity.

Today, as the cause for competitive markets and free enterprise appears quixotic, it is easy to forget how depressing things looked four decades ago and how the economic reforms unleashed by the Thatcher Revolution led to a golden age.