Holding the education system to account | Amanda Spielman - The Centre for Independent Studies
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Holding the education system to account | Amanda Spielman

The English education system has been a model for reform in teacher training, managing behaviour, lifting standards in the teaching of reading, reforming curriculum, increasing school competition, and much more. Central to much of this reform effort has been the impressive contribution made by the nation’s inspectorate.

Amanda Spielman, the former head of England’s Chief Inspector for schools (OFSTED), teacher training providers, and early education centres, spoke to an audience at the Centre for Independence on the importance of holding schools to a high standard.

OFSTED has not been without its critics. Many in the education sector reject standardised assessment, national curriculum standards, and using inspections to rate the quality of schools, fearing it can be unfair and can result in undue pressure on staff.

However, as Amanda Spielman points out our goal should be educating students not keeping school administrators comfortable.

OFSTED has demonstrated a sound track record over many years. In recent decades, English schools have climbed the international rankings. And reforms to curriculum now make the curriculum more “knowledge-based” than Australia and comparable countries.

What can Australian policymakers learn from reform in the UK? What matters when reforming an education system? Does Australia need a school inspectorate? Is it really fair to publicly report on schools’ performance and quality? How can school systems repair the fractured social contract between educators and parents?