In Depth Q&A: Mearsheimer and Varghese disagree on US Grand Strategy, Ukraine, Russia and China. - The Centre for Independent Studies
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In Depth Q&A: Mearsheimer and Varghese disagree on US Grand Strategy, Ukraine, Russia and China.

PART 2. Following a lecture from Professor John Mearsheimer in Brisbane on Monday, 23 October. Professor Mearsheimer and Peter Varghese sat down for a lively question and answer session with Tom Switzer. This video is Q&A session that followed John’s lecture, you can find the lecture in PART 1 here;

The focus of the lecture and Q&A session was on the Middle East crisis and its potential consequences for Israel, its neighbours, and U.S. foreign policy, particularly Israel’s response to Hamas, which could inflame tensions across the Middle East. The event also explored the evolving dynamics between the U.S., Russia, and China, examining whether Russia could have been an ally in containing China and the consequences of the U.S.-supported campaign in Ukraine. Mearsheimer emphasises the risks of American focus shifting away from East Asia due to ongoing conflicts with Israel-Hamas, Ukraine-Russia taking all the bandwidth.

Question 1. @RealDrewPavlou Drew Pavlou tests Mearsheimer on remarks — ‘Why should we listen to you when it comes to Ukraine, when you’ve been wrong over and over and over again?’ John sees it as an inditement and follows up with a firm recommitment to his previous comments.

Question 2. On Anthony Albanese’s State visit to China. What should the appropriate trade and investment relationship be for Australia and China?

Question 3. David Stevens. Can Putin’s invasion of Ukraine be seen as a litmus test for an advance by China on Taiwan? — Strategically, when do you think China will make a move on Taiwan?

Question 4. Owen Zheng. Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative forum recently highlighted a success story — the Indonesian high-speed rail project, Whoosh. What do you think an industrialised and modernised Indonesia means for Australia?

Question 5. As recently as 2021, it was seen that the number 1 global conflict emerging beyond our shores was the Taliban reclaiming of Afghanistan. Is it the case that we have just abandoned Afghanistan, and is that the right move?

Question 6. If you were put in the position of negotiating an exit from the Ukraine-Russia War and deescalating the Israel-Palestine conflict, how would you go about talking to the other players that are a part of getting a political solution to ending these conflicts?

Question 7. India Economic Strategy. Where do you think Australia stands in relation to India with the added complexity of current issues in Canada. Especially with how the politics in India is changing, especially in the treatment of minorities including Muslim Sikhs.

Question 8. Why do we want to be turning continually towards American leadership? Is that the best way of achieving goals toward safety of people, economic develop and harmony. At what point do we focus on agendas other than American hegemony.

Question 9. How does India start to change the balance of power?

Question 10. Is there room for expansion in AUKUS like there was with NATO in Europe, or will we see NATO come to Asia? You can see our other video’s with Professor John Mearsheimer here;

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