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On Liberty EP103 Migrant communities in Australia

As a community practitioner, Melissa has worked to ensure peoples from worn-torn nations are able to find community and start life new, particularly those immigrants from less-developed countries who settle in Western Sydney.

In a report from 2016 from the Forum on the Settlement of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees, it showed that over 30 agencies representing government, local services, schools, religious and civil society organisations were brought together to focus on the key settlement issues that will confront this particular cohort of Syrian and Iraqi humanitarian entrants. Focusing on areas such as education, employment training, health and short- and long-term housing. It takes an incredible amount of community resources manpower to set up resettlements for newly arriving migrants.

Are we seeing a greater influx of migrants then previously before? What is the most efficient and effective way to resettle humanitarian migrant entrants? What resources are available for those seeking asylum in Australia? Are local communities having to pick the slack for Government failures on immigration?