On Liberty EP1 The morality of Australia’s response to Covid-19

Salvatore Babones spoke with Peter Kurti, who directs the Culture, Prosperity & Civil Society program at the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). Peter discussed the morality of Australia’s response to coronavirus pandemic: hoarding, profiteering, and toilet paper. Beginning the series with a discussion and Q&A session, we’ll look at the community and societal responses to the crisis.

“In the rush to save ourselves [from COVID-19], we are in danger of losing sight of the needs of our neighbours, many of whom are more vulnerable and less able to fend for themselves.” Peter Kurti.

In his CIS Ideas article, he went on to suggest that: Whilst not being complacent about the virus, and being sure to observe public health guidelines, we also need to check the fear that arises from speculation and rumour. We need to cultivate the capacity to live calmly in the face of what we do not know. It’s one of our national traits that makes Australia the envy of so many other countries. Admired for our egalitarian spirit of optimism and a reluctance to take ourselves too seriously, now is the time – like no other – for us to hold fast to our sense of mateship.