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On Liberty EP45 What Do Australians Really Think about Social Media?

What do Australians really think about social media? We’re joined by CIS policy analyst Monica Wilkie, who will share the results of her new CIS survey on the subject.

Does social media connect or isolate? Is its impact on society mostly positive or negative? Which generation relies on social media the most, and for what purposes? And at a time when two-thirds of Australians want Facebook and Twitter to maintain political neutrality, are the networking giants delivering?

Monica Wilkie is the CIS media analyst behind “The Woke Wars” and “If I Ran the Woke Zoo.” Her new policy paper Australians’ Attitudes to Social Media: Connection or Curse? is available for free download from the CIS website. Conducted in February 2021, it reports the results of a survey of 1024 Australian adults just before the Commonwealth passed the News Media Bargaining Code. The findings may surprise you!