Xavier Boffa discusses Australia’s constitutional arrangements
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On Liberty EP87 Constitution counts for Australia’s politics and society

On the show this week, we welcome Executive Director of the Samuel Griffith SocietyXavier Boffa, as he recaps developments in Australia’s constitutional arrangements.

State border closures and mandates have tested the limits of the federation in responding to the pandemic. International sports stars have been at odds with federal-state divides. Political figures have been pronounced guilty by courts of public opinion rather than the rule of law. What are we to make of Australia’s many constitutional developments of recent years? Is Australia’s constitution and federation safeguarded? What are the risks and benefits of a national integrity commission?

Writing at The Spectator, Xavier argues that we mustn’t let the law be used as a political weapon. He warns this would only further debase public discourse and erode our democratic and constitutional foundations.

Join us on YouTube at 12.30 pm Wednesday 4 May, when guest host, Glenn Fahey asks how recent constitutional developments impact on Australian politics and society.

Xavier convenes the annual conference of the Samuel Griffith Society and coordinates its activities to promote discussion of constitutional matters. He is former national president of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation and former advisor to the Victorian Shadow Attorney-General.