Prof Bob Catley, Present at the Creation of Wokism
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On Liberty EP88 Present at the Creation of Wokism

Cancel culture, virtue signaling, pronouns in bios—”wokeness” is often compared to a virus, and one that is spreading with no signs of an emerging herd immunity.
This week’s guest Bob Catley was there at the creation, teaching political science at universities in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s before entering Parliament for Labor in 1990. Catley argues that today’s woke thinking is nothing new, but is the heir to 1960s radical activism. And he owns up to having unleashed it on Australia.
Join us as we revisit the major battlefields of the culture wars with a culture warrior who has fought on both sides.

Prof Bob Catley earned his PhD from the Australian National University and has held academic positions at the Universities of Adelaide, Delaware, Otago, the Northern Territory, and the Sunshine Coast. He was the federal Member for Adelaide from 1990-93. An expert on US foreign policy, he is also the author of The (Strange, Recent But Understandable) Triumph of Liberalism in Australia (2005, Macleay Press).