Janet Albrechtsen on Prime Minister Albanese and his Labor Government.
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On Liberty EP90 Prime Minister Albanese and a Labor Government

This week we speak to Janet Albrechtsen, columnist for The Australian to discuss the 2022 federal election results. Last weekend’s election was not so much a big Labor victory, but a massive backlash against the Liberals, especially in Western Australia and metropolitan inner-urban electorates across the nation. The 2022 federal election has not only brought about a change of government but has been one of the most interesting results in Australia’s political history.
In the days, weeks, and years ahead PM Albanese will need to navigate through a very different parliament. Labor’s new government faces daunting challenges including climate policy, inflation, rising interest rates, as well as the China threat, and intensifying geopolitical challenges. Will Labor be pushed further by Greens and Independents? Have these results shown that Australia is fed up with our major parties? Why was there such a significant swing against both major parties?
Join us from 12:30 pm AEST to have your say on how you think the election will shape Australia’s future.

Janet Albrechtsen is an opinion columnist with The Australian, she has written for The Australian Financial ReviewThe AgeThe Sydney Morning HeraldQuadrant, and The Wall Street Journal. She is the former chairman of the Institute of Public Affairs and has appeared on Sky News Australia, Channel 7’s Sunday Night, and was a former ABC board member.