Have the next generation lost interest in politics? Deyi Wu
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On Liberty EP91 Have the next generation lost interest in politics?

On the show this week President of the NSW Young Liberals, Deyi Wu joins Salvatore Babones to discuss whether our younger generations have lost interest in politics, and if there is a bright future for either party. The recent federal election has shown us that independent grassroots campaigns threaten both major parties and could permanently change establishment politics.

Issues, such as housing affordability, inflation, interest rates and climate are important to younger voters, but have the major parties lost touch with them? Can our politicians deliver good policy outcomes over the long term? After all, the future generations will have to live with the consequences of the actions (or inaction) of current governments at all levels.

Deyi was elected president on the Young Liberals in March 2021 and is the first woman of Asian descent, and only the fifth ever woman to lead the organisation after Catherine Cusack, Marise Payne, Gladys Berejiklian and Natasha Maclaren-Jones. Deyi has written for The Financial Review and has a combined five years’ experience working in federal and state politics.