Ethical farming: Fad or Future - Emma Hurst
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On Liberty EP92 Ethical farming: Fad or Future?

On the show this week, we speak to Emma Hurst MLC, member of the NSW Upper House, on what role the government should play in animal welfare. Australia has the fourth fastest growing vegan market in the world and plant-based vegan options have become common and widely available in many of our favourite restaurants. With the increased ethical implications of sustainable and responsible farming, does it make sense for people to turn to these new options? Emma argues that better outcomes for animals, as well as farmers are not mutually exclusive.

Increasingly over the last few years we’ve seen animal welfare protests block off major streets, confront patrons in restaurants and trespasses onto farms to create disruptions. But do these types of protests help or hinder the cause for animal welfare and ethical farming? Can we realistically shift our dairy and meat-based farming to plant-based farming alternatives and remain viable?

Watch to hear the case for why ethical farming presents opportunities for animals and farmers alike. Emma Hurst is a Member of the NSW Legislative Council, a registered psychologist and animal advocate. She has been a vegan for many years, and previously competed as a plant-based bodybuilder.