Energy can't be spun - Chris Uhlmann
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On Liberty EP93 Energy can’t be spun

Have politicians been too focused on reaching “energy goals” that they have neglected to think about the short term? Can Australia realistically move away from coal and gas-powered energy sources in a cost-effective manner? Is all this energy transition talk just spin by politicians to get elected?

In August 2016 Premier Daniel Andrews trumped a permanent ban on the exploration and development of all onshore unconventional gas. Now, with the energy crisis biting, Andrews has demanded gas from “our ground” be delivered cheaply to his state. As Chris recently wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald “The energy transition is inevitable, but it will be a lot harder than politicians, activists, service sector chief executives and billionaire energy hobbyists would have you believe. In trying to solve the current crisis, the political class should keep one thing in mind, no one ever won an election by promising to make voters colder, poorer and hungrier”.

Chris Uhlmann is political editor for Nine News, a columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and former political editor for ABC News and The 7:30 Report.