Is the Sydney property bubble bursting? Eliza Owen
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On Liberty EP96 Is the property bubble bursting?

Salvatore Babones returns to discuss the future of housing and rental prices with Eliza Owen of CoreLogic.

Many Australian homeowners and renters will be nervously waiting to see what effects the RBA’s interest rate increases will have on their home loans and rent payments. While increases to the cash rate may help ease house price pressures, and stem inflation, many first home buyers know this represents an increase to their monthly repayments.

According to Eliza Owen’s research these rate hikes have slowed the property market as property values in Sydney are down almost 5% since mid-February’s peak. In fact, Owen reports that monthly sales volumes across Australia have generally been trending lower since November 2021.”

Have our interest rates been too low for too long? Will there be a dramatic drop in property prices? As interest rates rise is the dream of owning a home becoming a pipe dream? Join us on YouTube at 12.30 pm Wednesday 3 August.