Mark Latham on teacher workforce shortages

We welcomed Mark Latham, Member of the NSW Legislative Council and Chair of the NSW Parliament’s Education Committee to discuss teacher workforce shortages.

There are important challenges facing teachers across Australia, resulting in significant attention from federal and state policymakers.

Mark argues that teacher workforce shortages are a serious problem impacting on the learning of children in very real ways – resulting in merged classes, out-of-field teaching, and the scrapping of some school support programs.

He points to results of a recent survey of NSW teachers showing many are burnt out, overworked, and dissatisfied – leaving many to consider leaving the profession. The solution to address teacher workforce shortages – according to the survey – is to reduce administrative burden, increase pay, and improve working conditions.

Where are our teacher shortages? How can teacher supply challenges be resolved? Are we doing enough to build up and sustain an effective teacher workforce?

Watch on YouTube , when guest host, Glenn Fahey asks how to raise quantity and quality within the teaching profession.

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