Teachers and nurses deserve choice, not monopoly unions
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On Liberty EP99 Teachers and nurses deserve choice, not monopoly unions

We welcomed Red Union Managing Director, Jack McGuire. Jack argues there are not enough options available to workers to seek representation – ultimately restricting freedom of association. Instead, workers have little choice but to engage with legacy monopoly unions – regardless of whether or not they share the union’s political motivations or policy advocacy.

The only way to ensure constructive representation of members, according to Jack, is to have professional associations governed by practicing teachers and nurses, not professional union officials.

Under the current anti-competitive settings, teachers and nurses are little more than cash cows for political purposes. But the interests of members must come before politics.

Without more dynamic representation, workers will continue to face inflexible and impractical working conditions. The status quo entrenches big unions and big business and marginalizes small business and workers that require flexibility.

Are monopoly unions failing to advance the interests and status of key members, like teachers and nurses? Why do traditional unions oppose competition? Why is membership demand so high for alternatives to traditional unions?

Watch on Youtube, when guest host, Glenn Fahey asks whether Australia’s teachers and nurses need greater choice in their representation.