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Reforming Australia’s Schools

Australia’s education system needs policy reform, beyond just throwing in yet more funding. As students return to classrooms in our major cities, there’s no time to lose in making progress. As outlined earlier this year when speaking at CIS, Alan Tudge, has set his sights on dramatically turning around education outcomes. Over the next 10 years, he plans for Australian students’ achievement to be back at the top of the international ladder.

To get there, a national reform agenda is underway – with special emphasis on improving teacher training and reviewing the national curriculum. At CIS, we’ve long argued the case for an ambitious reform agenda. Improving educational outcomes of Australia’s students is the greatest policy lever to secure improved living standards over the long term.

How can high-quality teaching be promoted in initial teacher education courses? What will it take for the national curriculum to promote evidence-based practices in all Australian classrooms? How should the national curriculum balance an appreciation for Australia’s Indigenous and colonial past, while promoting a positive view of our country’s significant accomplishments?