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Revitalising the Australian Economy

To launch Restoring Hope: Practical Policies to Revitalise the Australian Economy by Andrew Stone, CIS welcomed former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, editor-at-large for the Australian, Paul Kelly and CIS executive director, Tom Switzer. Andrew, Tony, Paul and Tom sat down to have a conversation on Australia’s economic outlook for 2020, climate policy and immigration, the panel also took questions from the audience.

It was also at this forum which former Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for middle-class women to have more children, saying current rates of childbirth among this group were a “real problem”.

Since the Howard government, Australia’s per capita growth rate has slumped and wage growth has been anaemic, while housing prices have skyrocketed relative to household incomes. Commonwealth net debt has surged and Australia has become much more vulnerable to an economic shock than prior to the Global Financial Crisis. This volume prescribes practical policy remedies covering immigration, the housing market, higher education reform, federal-State relations, energy policy, workforce participation, welfare reform, budget repair, monetary policy and financial system regulation.