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The New Federal Liberal Party Economic Agenda

We welcomed Federal Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor to discuss the new economic agenda for the federal Liberal party. As the Coalition moves to opposition for the first time in nearly a decade, can it return to its economic policy roots of market-based reforms and budget repair?

The result of the extraordinarily loose fiscal and monetary policy settings in Australia, Britain, the US and elsewhere has been the surging inflation that has caught central banks and Keynesian economists by surprise. Having ignored the basic rules of market economics for so long, governments need to embrace them again.

Angus Taylor sat down with CIS executive director Tom Switzer to answer the questions, how can policymakers support an incentive-sharpening reform agenda to boost productivity? How can governments encourage people to take the risks inherent in setting up any business? What kind of policies can Canberra put in place that will encourage wealth creation and reduce the budget deficit to create a new era of prosperity?