What Is Marx's 'Conflict Theory' Doing to Our Politics? - The Centre for Independent Studies
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What Is Marx’s ‘Conflict Theory’ Doing to Our Politics?

‘Lehmann has garnered a global audience, is centre stage in the culture war and has tapped a powerful network with her online magazine’. – The Australian’s Deirdre Macken on Claire Lehmann’s start-up publication, Quillette.

Join Quillette editor-in-chief Claire Lehmann and CIS senior research fellow Dr Jeremy Sammut for a discussion on identity politics, on universities and on their role in fuelling identity politics.

In this special CIS event, Claire will open the evening with a talk drawing on the works of Scott Alexander, developer of the Conflict vs Mistake explanatory model of politics, and of Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, authors of The Rise of Victimhood Culture, pinpointing how conflict theory is taught in our universities. Then she will explore the dominance of critical theory in humanities departments across the world, and the corrosive impact that these have on the political sphere.