Konstantin Kisin Part 1 | What makes the West great? - The Centre for Independent Studies
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Konstantin Kisin Part 1 | What makes the West great?

What happens when you ship a bunch of criminals to a barren country filled with venomous creatures? A country Konstantin Kisin thinks is doing a few things right, but also has a lot at stake.

Konstantin Kisin is a British-Russian comedian, co-host of the massively popular Triggernometry Podcast and author of An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West. In his recent talk in Sydney for the Centre for Independent Studies, he reflects on his first time in Australia and asks what makes Western countries like Australia so successful.

How did the West come to dominate the world?

What does government by consent mean? Why is freedom of expression good? Do we take private property for granted?

Konstantin warns that we need to better understand the ideas that make our countries great, lest we risk becoming cargo cults — simply going through the motions of what made us successful.