Creativity in an Age of Constraint - Sydney - The Centre for Independent Studies
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Date & Time

Tuesday, 3 September - Tuesday, 3 September 2019
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm AEST

Creativity in an Age of Constraint – Sydney

The arts are battered and boxed in by the proliferating dos and don’ts of political correctness, the predations of gotcha identity politics, and the hypersensitivities of the #MeToo movement.

This September, the distinguished American-British novelist Lionel Shriver will argue that it’s time for those in creative professions to push back and that artists should return to being iconoclasts willing to risk ruffling feathers.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald: “Shriver was catapulted to fame after the publication of We Need to Talk About Kevin, her chilling 2003 novel about a school shooting. The novel, which was rejected by 30 publishers, won the Orange Prize and was turned into a film starring Tilda Swinton. Since then, she has published international bestsellers including The Mandibles and The Post-Birthday World.”

Lionel Shriver is the author of numerous international bestseller novels and a columnist with The Spectator in London. Her new book called Property (HarperCollins), is a collection of witty and quirky stories about the ownership of not just houses, but objects, people, places, and experiences. We are delighted to announce Lionel Shriver as our distinguished lecturer for 2019.