Individualism and the paradox of affirmative action - The Centre for Independent Studies
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Date & Time

Thursday, 1 November - Thursday, 1 November 2018
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm AEDT

Individualism and the paradox of affirmative action

All across the western world, the progressive left is placing great stress on race, gender, and the grievances of identity politics. Although “diversity” is now the all-purpose justification for this campaign, nations such as Australia, Britain, and the US are more diverse and tolerant than ever.

Identity politics should not be used to suppress freedom of expression. Emphasising a fear of giving offense should offend every genuine liberal. Rather than pitting people and groups against each other, we should be fostering the Enlightenment principles of universal human values.

Daniel Hannan is a leading British writer and journalist. After 17 years as a Member of the European Parliament, campaigning for British withdrawal from the EU, he succeeded in abolishing his job in the Brexit referendum on 23 June 2016.

Author of nine books, including New York Times bestseller Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Western World and Sunday Times bestseller Vote Leave. His latest is What Next: How to get the best from Brexit.

Tom Switzer and Nick Cater are executive directors of the Centre for Independent Studies and Menzies Research Council, respectively.