Classroom Disorder: Strategies for Success - PERTH
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Date & Time

Monday, 20 November - Monday, 20 November 2023
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm AWST

Classroom Disorder: Strategies for Success – PERTH

Join us in Perth on Monday, November 20 as we delve into the issue of disorderly classrooms and the essential role of classroom management skills in education, featuring Senator Matt O’Sullivan, Lorraine Hammond, and Tim McDonald. This event will be moderated by CIS Education Policy Director, Glenn Fahey.

Australian classrooms are among the most disorderly in the world — marked by noise, disruptions, and lost teaching time, as commonly reported by students. These unruly classrooms hinder students’ learning opportunities and their ability to develop vital study habits for academic success. This presents an increasingly challenging environment for teachers, especially those new to the profession.

Mastering classroom management skills is essential for all educators. Effectively running the room involves learning, then applying the principles of educational science. Yet, many teacher training programs have fallen short in equipping graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills they need.

This raises important questions: How can Australian schools better promote positive behaviour? What are the essential skills for effective classroom management? Are there limitations in schools’ ability to enforce discipline? Does the root of poor behaviour lie in the home environment, necessitating solutions beyond the school gates? And, are today’s students just too hard to engage and manage?

Matt O’Sullivan, is a federal Senator representing Western Australia, chairs the Senate References Committee on Education and Employment. He’s currently leading an inquiry into classroom disruption. Previously, Matt held a senior role at the Minderoo Foundation, serving as Chief Operating Officer for the successful Generation One project.

Tim McDonald, is Chief Executive Officer at The Y WA, formerly directed Catholic Education Western Australia. He’s known for developing and leading “Classroom Mastery” with the Knowledge Society and authored the widely-used textbook “Classroom Management: Engaging Students in Learning” published by Oxford University Press.

Lorraine Hammond, is Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University and leads professional learning and coaching for teachers and school leaders in the Kimberley region.

Glenn Fahey is program director in Education Policy at the Centre for Independent Studies.

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