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Trans-Atlantic Fiscal Follies: The Sequel

The GFC is back. What started as the US subprime crisis became the global financial crisis, which has now developed into the Trans-Atlantic sovereign debt crisis.

Two years ago, CIS Research Fellows Robert Carling and Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich predicted sovereign debt troubles on both sides of the Atlantic at a CIS event called Trans-Atlantic Fiscal Follies. In August, they will be joined by CIS Research Fellow Adam Creighton to again gaze into their economic crystal ball to discuss the future for those countries buckling under their sovereign debt obligations. How much worse is it going to get? And does it have to get worse before it gets better? Will the dollar survive as the lead currency? Will the euro survive at all? Will gold continue to rise? And what’s the endgame of government debt?

Our panel will have fifteen minutes each to elaborate on the following:
1. Robert Carling will analyse the US debt situation after the compromise on the debt ceiling
2. Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich will look at Europe and the default risks around the euro periphery
3. Adam Creighton will ask what all of this means for Australia’s economy and domestic policy