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What If?

What if we had nuclear energy? What if schools could make profits? What if you could review government performance online, eBay style? What if we brought back state taxes? What if we stopped bribing people to buy houses, stopped propping up industry, let people from different professions be school principals? What if some of our most outspoken media bosses, former premiers, policy wonks and idea enthusiasts pondered such questions? Find out the answers as CIS hosts a cocktail evening book talk on the recently released title What If?, edited by Peta Seaton.

Speakers: book contributors Nick Greiner AC, former Premier and Treasurer of New South Wales; Percy Allan AM, former Secretary and Treasurer, NSW Treasury and Dr. Oliver Marc Hartwich, Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies.  Former member of the NSW Parliament and editor of What If?, Dr. Peta Seaton, will also share her thoughts.