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Peter Saunders

Expertise: Social policy issues, welfare reform, nanny state, tax reform, poverty

Peter is currently living in England but has continued his association by becoming a CIS Senior Fellow. He was the Centre’s Director of Social Policy from 2002 until 2008. His work at the CIS has focused mainly on issues of poverty, social inequality and welfare reform. His most recent works are Remoralising the Welfare State (2013) and When Prophecy Fails (2011).  Peter’s first CIS publication was Social Foundations of a Free Society (2001).  Other publications include A Self-Reliant Australia (2003) and Australia’s Welfare Habit: And how to kick it (2004) and The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away (2007), edited Taxploitation. The Case for Income Tax Reform (2006).

Before joining the CIS Peter was Professor of Sociology at the University of Sussex in England and Research Manager at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (2000-02). He published major works on topics including meritocracy, contemporary capitalism, privatisation and home ownership.