Invisible Hand versus Visible Fist: Securing the Future Wealth of Nations

In the 25th John Bonython lecture, PJ O’Rourke presents his view of the economic and financial crisis that is shaking the world.

In a tour de force from Adam Smith to Bulgarian blue jeans, from Chicken Little to Barack Obama, O’Rourke solves the problems of our time. What is still puzzling to the world’s leaders becomes clear when seen through the eyes of America’s leading satirist. PJ O’Rourke’s answer to a decline in the value of speculative assets? To pay less for them. And what should be done about the recession? Nothing. Because the cure is worse than the disease.

Best known for his trenchant journalism and penchant for sarcasm, PJ O’Rourke is the author of some 14 books, including Parliament of Whores, Republican Party Reptile, Eat the Rich, CEO of the Sofa, and Driving Like Crazy:30 Years of Vehicular Hell Bending. The whisky-loving cigar aficionado was formerly editor of National Lampoon and foreign correspondent for Rolling Stone magazine. He is an H.L. Mencken Research Fellow at the Cato Institute and a regular correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly.